August 17, 2011

Workshop with Basma from B.beautiful UPDATE

Last weekend I attended Basma from B.beautiful's make-up workshop at the Pavilion. It took place in the shed by the cinema, which is the perfect location for a tight intimate spot to hold a class. Since she was sponsored by Sephora for the event, Basma went a bit wild with their products, it was nearly make-up wonderland. 

It's such a necessary workshop to take at some point in your life, preferably earlier obviously (don't know why I was so dramatic there). I just think it's important to learn how to work with your type of skin and the contours of your own face. What works for one person definitely might not for another, so it's important to experiment. Always recommended with someone who can actually help you experiment the right way. I know I've had one too many frustrating eyeshadow moments. 

Basma used me as her palette and taught her class the basics on base products as well as a soft look you can wear during the day. The next day she worked with color and eyes mainly. 
Here are a couple tips I learnt:

  • if you have dry lips, exfoliate them with a baby tooth brush before moisturizing them
  • when moisturizing your face, under your eyes avoid movement from the inside of your eye out, and rather moisturize with an inwards motion. Otherwise you can stretch the sensitive skin and run the risk of more wrinkles than necessary
  • when putting concealer on under your eyes, dab with the brush, and create a V going down slightly to your cheek, it opens up the eyes
  • when using bronzer, to get the right contour of your face, on each side with your brush move in the shape of a 3 starting at your temple, around the edge of your eyebrow, to your cheekbone to your jaw bone (does that make sense?)

Some make-up products in general to look out for: 
  • MAC's "Posey" blushcreme
  • Sephora's Eye Pencil's used for the eyebrows that come with a small brush attached. I would use #1. It gives great dimension to your brows without them getting abnormally dark and fake looking. I don't do the intense tatoo look. 
  • Makeup Forever's green corrector is good to conceal blemishes as green is complementary to red (I found this one really interesting)
  • Hypnose Mascara by Lancome
  • When it comes to creams, I've been hearing that even though you have the well known and heavily used La Prarie, Lancome's creams are just as good and perfect to be loyal to, if you want to be as wrinkle free as you can control

Check out her facebook page to stay tuned to her upcoming workshops and events!

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