August 16, 2011

Love, depression, outer space, family, confusion: Watch this Trailer

I'm always interested in anything to do with space. I crave so much information about everything out there. That's why I get intrigued by films with references to it all the time. Not so much action films about aliens and slime, which unfortunately seem to be dominating the genre. I prefer the sci-fi that can be more lighthearted, because we don't really know enough to always make it that believable. Or maybe nothing out there would appear believable.

One of my closest friends told me about this trailer, she knows me well. There's something about it that I'm liking. I don't really understand it and there's a lot going on, but something tells me I'd leave the film thinking. I hope so at least. I've recently been really impressed with Kirsten Dunst's performances so I'm looking forward to it.

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