May 30, 2010

Before you make a trip to dubai mall, take note

As far as I can remember, a great thing about Dubai was being able to wear what you wanted, be it shorts, sleeveless tops, short dresses etc. which was such a great deal because wearing anything slightly conservative would feel like wearing a fur coat in a sauna. Apparently those days are gone. Recently, I have been hearing more and more about Dubai Mall's "Dubai Courtesy" rules (shown above). I get the alcohol, smoking, "dangerous activities," the pets, and overt displays of affection. What people don't realize is it's Dubai... so overt displays of affection does not imply straddling someone outside Sephora, but more so don't under any circumstance even think about holding your husband's hand. It doesn't matter if he slipped, fell and broke his leg, he better enjoy limping. But back to the clothing, I understand it's all about respecting the country you're in, which everyone should do. It's just a bummer when a change like this happens after being overlooked for so long.  I'm hoping shoulders and knees aren't ever confused with wrists and ankles.

May 27, 2010

boys n girls: Classic Scenario III

  • boy pursues girl
  • girl loves attention
  • boy confesses feelings
  • girl goes for it half heartedly
  • boy is whipped and infatuated
  • girl convinces herself she likes boy... but just isn't feeling it and expresses feelings
  • boy is hurt but understands 
*they break up*
  • girl misses boy’s attention
  • boy misses girl
*they get back*
  • girl isn’t into it and confesses... again
  • boy is getting bored but still cares
  • girl is so confused with herself
*couple hook ups here n there*
  • boy gets over situation
  • girl is happy with having him when she wants
  • boy is over her
  • girl annoyed boy isn’t giving her attention when she wants it
  • boy is friends with all her friends which is so annoying because she now hears his news through them
  • boy meets someone new
  • girl not happy with new situation
solution: new boy

May 23, 2010

barcode yourself - find out how much you're really worth

Making fun of the world of consumerism we live in, barcode yourself, gives you the chance to find out how much you cost based on your gender, location, age, weight and height using "real world data" (not sure how that works). 

According to the site the calculation of "an individual's BMI based on the height and weight reveals the health of an individual, thus those considered underweight or overweight are worth less money. In addition, in comment to the dominance of the United States, all barcodes are published in inches and pounds. A female barcode takes the real-world hit of earning 72 cents less than each dollar earned by a man. The average for age takes on the most comic tone, borrowing from the worlds' most famous 33-year old, Jesus."

I came out to a measly $3.49, i really hoped i'd be worth more....

May 21, 2010

My Sleepy Fall - Take it Easy Hospital

not to make you slit your wrists or anything... this one is from No One Knows About Persian Cats which I mentioned in earlier posts. Such a great movie and this song couldn't have played at a better part...

May 12, 2010

while i ride paddle boats...

Three decks, a 25 meter pool, spa, helicopter pad, sauna, gym, massage room, promenade, music room, dining room, cinema, sun-decks, suites, terraces, a lounge.


May 10, 2010

most annoying sound?

thanks to a couple friends who were sweet enough to show me this i don't sleep as well anymore...

May 8, 2010

April '10 Playlist

whatever you like - anya marina
ignore moi - melanie pain
shining down - lupe fiasco ft. mathew santos
we share our mother's health (ratatat remix) - the knife
spring and by summer fall - blonde redhead
combat baby - metric
quelque part - felipecha
alligator - tegan and sara
audience - cold war kids
le sapin - charlie
elephant gun - beirut
comme on parle - charlie
you appearing - m83

May 7, 2010

the sketchbook project

I can’t even count the number of times I bought a sketchbook so sure that it would become that companion that is carried with me wherever I go to record any creative thoughts that pop up. I don’t know if its that I don’t have any creative thoughts, but most of those sketchbooks are still empty…. which is why I gave up. Recently though I got introduced to The Sketchbook Project, which offers some pretty cool incentive to force some creativity to a sketchbook.

To participate in this project you order a sketchbook and choose a theme by October 31st 2010, you are then sent a blank Moleskin Cahier sketchbook (which you can be as creative as you want with, just don't change the size of it) that you have to send back by January 15th 2011. All the sketchbooks from around the world will then be included in an exhibition that tours Brooklyn, San Fran, Portland, Atlanta and Chicago and with a barcode on each sketchbook you can track where your book is and how many times someone has viewed it. After the tour all the sketchbooks will enter the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library where anyone can view them. 

The themes are pretty random and you don’t need to be a pro to enter, just go all out and put some original… or unoriginal ideas to paper and see where it goes.