February 29, 2012

Hello from the West Coast!

So I endured the direct 16 hour flight to the West Coast I was dreading, and have to say it wasn't all that bad. Traveling with another Stoli winner was a good deal considering she spotted an empty seat in front of her that only had another one next to it AND was on the isle. Great news considering I'm constantly drinking water and constantly... yeah.

All was fine except for the guy sitting next to me who seemed to be convinced we were flying "together." Not sure what made him think he was responsible for me. Maybe it was the fact that we were both lame enough to pre-order a specific type of meal (I can't stand plane food). It got to the point where I was so nervous he'd help me take my sweater off; no doubt I looked psycho yanking it off me like it was on fire to avoid any help. Clearly nothing too exciting happened...

Highlights of the Trip: 
  • The Stoli team welcoming us with a limo to the W Hotel in Westwood. We entered the hotel with a camera rolling on us, and all I can say is if I look half human in that clip I'll be satisfied. 
  • Finding Trader Joes AND Wholefoods right next to the hotel. That was enough to make me feel at home. 
  • Seeing old friends which is always a great feeling.
  • Meeting new friends who I got along and felt comfortable with almost instantly.
  • Being part of the live audience at the shooting of "Two and a Half Men." 
  • Shaking Ashton Kutcher's hand...
  • Partying at the Abbey, which for those of you who don't know is probably one of the most fun gay bars you'll ever go to. So my friend and I decided to stand by the stage where one of the male dancers was going wild, at which point he looked right at me, bent over to grab my neck and pulled me in to give a nice long and slow lick up the side of my face. Is that normal? I thought he was going to tell me something.... evidently, I don't go out much. I tried looking at the bright side - I knew it would be the most action I'd be getting there. Not sure why I still get surprised when the most random things happen to me. I guess I can cross "getting my face licked by a stranger" off my list now. 
  • One of the most invigorating, calming yet powerful yoga classes I've ever had, and I've tried a lot. I truly enjoyed that class, it wasn't even hot yoga yet I was sweating buckets and the stretching was just what my body needed. 
  • Shaking Ashton Kutcher's hand...
  • Lunch at Urth Cafe where my obsession for broccoli soup began and where I had the best vegan oatmeal cookie. Mmmm. Just the kind of casual healthy place I wish we'd find more of in the Middle East.
  • The Kandy Masquerade Playboy Party which deserves it's own post.
  • Shaking Ashton Kutcher's hand! Sorry.. I can't help it. I'm holding myself back from describing the texture of it.... (it's soft). 

It wasn't my first time in LA but it's always been a different experience each time. I definitely want to spend at least a week there this summer - five days isn't enough if you account for jet lag ruining a couple of them for you. All in all a great and exciting trip. When I signed on to work with Stoli this memory was definitely not something I thought I'd have. Glad I took the opportunity! On to the next adventure xx

February 20, 2012

Hi... Just remembered that I host this tea party

It's time for me to freshen up the table, bring some hot tea to the pot and lay out some yummy treats because I've been long from this waaay too long... hope I'm not the only one who feels that way. Humor me.

In the midst of my move back to Abu Dhabi from Dubai I've had absolutely NO time to share any news. My room is slowly slowly becoming the cozy nook I can see myself looking forward to spending time in. After all the organization is over it'll be time to paint the walls. Not sure how I'm going to lighten my wall that's dark pink without a thousand coats. I'll probably do one coat and hand the job over to someone else. 

Meanwhile, I'm preparing for my trip to the US starting this Friday. I'll be in LA for a couple days and San Fran until the 12th of March. Remember that Stoli competition I harassed everyone with? Finally the time to celebrate all that hard work is coming up! Where will we be celebrating? Just at Hugh Hef's Kandy Masquerade Party. Yeah... anyone who knows me is probably wondering how funny I'm going to look in the midst of all that, but I'm thinking I'll just mask my awkwardness away and enjoy the night!

Stay tuned to photos and updates of my upcoming trip!

Happy Monday xx

February 8, 2012

Much Needed Spring Cleaning

I've decided to start my spring cleaning a bit early this year. For the first part, I'm going to be ruthless and go to battle with myself when it comes to getting rid of clothes; you see a lot of my wardrobe is only there cuz I've created some sort of scenario where I'd wear it.... basically it remains a figment of my imagination. I'm known to have problems... then again I have eight alters so people should be a bit more understanding -you can only imagine how many outfits each one has in mind. I basically need to meditate before, while, and after packing for a trip.

Back to my spring cleaning, for the second part, I'm going to redecorate my bedroom. I've been looking into as much inspiration as I can get. I love color, and I love earthy tones; I love modern, and I love antique... No, I don't make things very easy for myself.

Considering one wall is dark pink (so wild) I think I'll only add a couple splashes of color then stick to beige and white for everything else. I like the major pieces such as my bed, chest of drawers etc to have a more clean cut and modern feel, and reach that antique feel through accessories.
I like the contrasting styles and colors in this section. A wall of cluttered, different-sized and styled frames absolutely mesmerizes me. Not sure about one of those paintings though... looks like Jacob pre werewolf transformation (unfortunate Twilight reference).

If you have any tips of your own or know of any good interior design sites, please share xx

February 5, 2012

Diane VF Wish List

It's a rarity for me to have any control whenever I pass a Diane Von Furstenberg store, especially when there's nothing I need at all. I fell in love with quite a few pieces of the new collection, including an electric green skirt that I wasn't able to find a photo of. 

I was flirting more with the gold sequin dress shown below. I only saw the white one on the website but they both have that similar feel: just effortless. I'm not a fan of very shiny flashy long dresses, this gold isn't as shiny as it appears in this photo. It's more of a matt gold, if you know what I mean. Either way, I'm almost in love. 

Happy Happy Ice Cream Cones

Today I walked by a little girl at the mall enjoying an ice cream in a cone and it was such a warm memory of being so young and carefree. Ice cream in a cup is just the responsible and boring thing to do #inmyopinion. I think you should all go out and enjoy an ice cream in a cone this week and relish every bit of the mess it makes. Remember no matter what, to make those young carefree choices regardless of how responsible you've gotten used to living xx