November 24, 2010

November 2, 2010

i ♥ f i s h f a y c e

If I had a dime for every time I heard someone say "can I see it" after a photo was taken, I'd be pretty happy with my bank account. It's not that it’s annoying showing the photos, its just a pity when the camera's battery runs out halfway through an event because of all the playbacks. Luckily, I came across a great solution: fishfayce, a simple digital photobooth that can be set up at any event. 

With the flexibility of being in charge of the clicker and taking the photos at your own pace or having a member of the staff take them for you, within seconds your photo shows up on a screen, creating a somewhat addictive photo shoot. Whether it's the fact that we all love seeing ourselves in photos, we want to create fun memories, or we just need some entertainment, people feel comfortable letting loose and enjoying the moment in front of fishfayce. 

fishfayce's photos can be immediately spotted by the desaturated color scheme and perfect lighting that superbly highlights the subject's features. That's probably one of the main reasons people don't want to stop clicking- having an unflattering photo taken is rare. In terms of the backdrop, it can be plain or creative depending on the theme of the event.

It wouldn't be entirely fair to say that a digital photobooth is what can make an event because I'd have to give some credit to the people who color the photos; however, it will definitely be a main feature.  After experiencing fishfayce at my birthday, I can't think of a better way to create a fun setting for guests to compile memories that supersede a lot of the typically static and awkward photos that tend to be taken with a camera (same pose, same smile... I know i'm not just talking about myself here). 

fishfayce is a special addition to any event and will definitely provide a school of fishy photos everyone will want to be a part of and cherish. Don't let an event go by without it :)

October 21, 2010

Sept/ Oct Playlist '10

Music Playlist at

russian red - they don't believe
ben l'oncle soul - seven nation army
she & him - over it over again
magic kids - superball
band of horses - the funeral
greg laswell - the one i love
ray lamontagne - shelter
gorillaz - latin simone
coeur de pirate - comme des enfants (le matos andy carmichael mix)
royksopp - happy up here (ft kanye)
general elektriks - raid the radio
crystal castles - vanished
patty bravo - la bambola 2010
keri hilson - i like
crystal castles - untrust us
sayulita - apparat

September 16, 2010

August '10 Playlist

banquet - bloc party
static waves - andrew belle
three wishes - the pierces
the co dependent - sia
if you could only see - boyce avenue
sunny moon - the cat empire
bare feast - ratatat
everlasting light - the black keys
pretty girl with a crooked smile - dj t-rock and squashy nice
how it ends - devotchka
helicopter - bloc party
falling - the cat empire
sing you to sleep - jason damato
comes and goes (in waves) - greg laswell
hold on to me - jason damato
in my veins - andrew belle

August 13, 2010

boys n girls: Questionable Scenario

I was recently told a questionable situation from a friend all the way in the North Pole and think it should be open to discussion. Comments are very appreciated.

Step 1: Boy sees girl at party, both are intoxicated

Step 2: Boy shows interest

*Feelings are mutual (ie. it’s still the beginning and the girl thinks boy is cute and is just curious; she’s not naming their future babies)*

Step 3: Digits exchanged

Step 4: Social outings coordinated

Step 5: Sleep-overs commence

Step 6: Sleep-overs end after a couple weeks

*Questionable part: No physical contact ever happened except a hand hold… and that’s also questionable*

Step 7: Communication becomes minimal

Step 8: Limbo

Note that this girl is close to flawless and even if she was scary beyond all means (in which case I doubt the interest would have struck) how can the boy resist any physical contact? No he is not an awkward vampire scared of sucking the life out of his girl interest.

Is the boy:

a)   a)  Scared of rejection
b)   b) Uninterested
c)   c) Hiding a small “member”... if ya know what I mean ..
d)   d) Not really interested in girls (note the plurality)

August 11, 2010

l.o.n.g. overdue playlist

bring on - sia
tennis - marathon
are you satisfied - marina and the diamonds
do wah doo - kate nash
dancing on my own (fred falke mix)
why don't you do right - gramophonedzie
freak - estelle
bulletproof (chrispy mix) - la roux
pushin drugs - ratatat ft lupe fiasco
crimewave - crystal castles
in for the kill (mike snow cover) - la roux
odessa - caribou
postcards from italy - beirut
sailing to nowhere - broken bells
october - broken bells
the cave - mumford & sons
i'm in here (piano vocal version) - sia

Time to Veil your Blackberry

New laws in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will require that every Blackberry user dress their phone in a miniature burqa and face veil. 
‘The Blackberry burqa means that people can still use their phones,’ said a Saudi government official, ‘but the tiny niqab that covers the screen will stop them from reading emails or accessing the Internet.’ 

The introduction of the burqa is intended to conceal the Blackberry from unwanted attention. With the veil in place only a tiny slit remains revealing just the time and date, thus preserving its modesty. 
‘This is not about censorship or oppression,’ said UAE telecommunications regulator Mohammed al-Ghanem, ‘this is about preserving the essential purity of the Blackberry and protecting it from being corrupted.’

Some businessmen believe that making their phone wear a burqa can be very liberating. ‘It’s great,’ said one, ‘with the veil in place I am free to walk about with my Blackberry in public without the feeling that people are staring lustily at my multi-media application. It also covers my shame for not owning an iPhone.’ 
Some religious groups have welcomed the policy. ‘If Allah had meant us to freely access the Internet He would have given us web browsers in our heads,’ said a local imam, adding ‘There is absolutely no mention of instant messaging in the Koran and at no point did Muhammad, or any of his eleven wives, ever say LOL, ROFL or PMSL.’

If the Blackberry burqa is successful it may spread to other countries. However, experts say that dressing your phone in a burqa could result in poor reception, especially in France and Belgium. 
The British government has yet to declare an official line on phone burqas although Immigration Minister Damian Green said that to ban them would be ‘very unBritish’. He went on to explain that, ‘the British thing to do, as always, is to grumble and tut.’

The Saudi government have promised that anyone who refuses to dress their Blackberry in a burqa will face harsh punishment. ‘I am not saying exactly what we will do,’ said their Minister for Justice, ‘but suffice to say that it isn’t so easy to text with your toes.’

July 29, 2010

making recycling worth your time

So maybe saving the environment from all those nasty emissions isn't enough motivation to recycle, but what if your efforts help raise money for local charities? Maybe it's been going on for a while and I haven't been attentive, but I just stumbled upon Recycle for Charity - a "community based volunteer driven project that depends on individual voluntary effort to collect recyclable materials and pass it on to recycling companies in exchange for a financial donation for the benefit of well deserved local charities such as Al Manzil and Dubai Autism Center." 

Everyone can participate, just make a deal with people at your office or favorite cafe to start dividing the recyclable materials and set a time during the week to drop them off at one of the collection points. Not only will you be doing something for yourself, but you will be making a difference in someone else's life.

I know I'm not the only one who's not bothered to put in the effort needed to get involved, and yeah Dubai's amazing weather doesn't help... but this is one of those things that just smiling about how good it would be if it was actually done isn't enough and if one person gets involved I'm sure the domino effect would be great. 

May 30, 2010

Before you make a trip to dubai mall, take note

As far as I can remember, a great thing about Dubai was being able to wear what you wanted, be it shorts, sleeveless tops, short dresses etc. which was such a great deal because wearing anything slightly conservative would feel like wearing a fur coat in a sauna. Apparently those days are gone. Recently, I have been hearing more and more about Dubai Mall's "Dubai Courtesy" rules (shown above). I get the alcohol, smoking, "dangerous activities," the pets, and overt displays of affection. What people don't realize is it's Dubai... so overt displays of affection does not imply straddling someone outside Sephora, but more so don't under any circumstance even think about holding your husband's hand. It doesn't matter if he slipped, fell and broke his leg, he better enjoy limping. But back to the clothing, I understand it's all about respecting the country you're in, which everyone should do. It's just a bummer when a change like this happens after being overlooked for so long.  I'm hoping shoulders and knees aren't ever confused with wrists and ankles.

May 27, 2010

boys n girls: Classic Scenario III

  • boy pursues girl
  • girl loves attention
  • boy confesses feelings
  • girl goes for it half heartedly
  • boy is whipped and infatuated
  • girl convinces herself she likes boy... but just isn't feeling it and expresses feelings
  • boy is hurt but understands 
*they break up*
  • girl misses boy’s attention
  • boy misses girl
*they get back*
  • girl isn’t into it and confesses... again
  • boy is getting bored but still cares
  • girl is so confused with herself
*couple hook ups here n there*
  • boy gets over situation
  • girl is happy with having him when she wants
  • boy is over her
  • girl annoyed boy isn’t giving her attention when she wants it
  • boy is friends with all her friends which is so annoying because she now hears his news through them
  • boy meets someone new
  • girl not happy with new situation
solution: new boy

May 23, 2010

barcode yourself - find out how much you're really worth

Making fun of the world of consumerism we live in, barcode yourself, gives you the chance to find out how much you cost based on your gender, location, age, weight and height using "real world data" (not sure how that works). 

According to the site the calculation of "an individual's BMI based on the height and weight reveals the health of an individual, thus those considered underweight or overweight are worth less money. In addition, in comment to the dominance of the United States, all barcodes are published in inches and pounds. A female barcode takes the real-world hit of earning 72 cents less than each dollar earned by a man. The average for age takes on the most comic tone, borrowing from the worlds' most famous 33-year old, Jesus."

I came out to a measly $3.49, i really hoped i'd be worth more....

May 21, 2010

My Sleepy Fall - Take it Easy Hospital

not to make you slit your wrists or anything... this one is from No One Knows About Persian Cats which I mentioned in earlier posts. Such a great movie and this song couldn't have played at a better part...

May 12, 2010

while i ride paddle boats...

Three decks, a 25 meter pool, spa, helicopter pad, sauna, gym, massage room, promenade, music room, dining room, cinema, sun-decks, suites, terraces, a lounge.


May 10, 2010

most annoying sound?

thanks to a couple friends who were sweet enough to show me this i don't sleep as well anymore...

May 8, 2010

April '10 Playlist

whatever you like - anya marina
ignore moi - melanie pain
shining down - lupe fiasco ft. mathew santos
we share our mother's health (ratatat remix) - the knife
spring and by summer fall - blonde redhead
combat baby - metric
quelque part - felipecha
alligator - tegan and sara
audience - cold war kids
le sapin - charlie
elephant gun - beirut
comme on parle - charlie
you appearing - m83

May 7, 2010

the sketchbook project

I can’t even count the number of times I bought a sketchbook so sure that it would become that companion that is carried with me wherever I go to record any creative thoughts that pop up. I don’t know if its that I don’t have any creative thoughts, but most of those sketchbooks are still empty…. which is why I gave up. Recently though I got introduced to The Sketchbook Project, which offers some pretty cool incentive to force some creativity to a sketchbook.

To participate in this project you order a sketchbook and choose a theme by October 31st 2010, you are then sent a blank Moleskin Cahier sketchbook (which you can be as creative as you want with, just don't change the size of it) that you have to send back by January 15th 2011. All the sketchbooks from around the world will then be included in an exhibition that tours Brooklyn, San Fran, Portland, Atlanta and Chicago and with a barcode on each sketchbook you can track where your book is and how many times someone has viewed it. After the tour all the sketchbooks will enter the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library where anyone can view them. 

The themes are pretty random and you don’t need to be a pro to enter, just go all out and put some original… or unoriginal ideas to paper and see where it goes. 

April 21, 2010

Words of Wisdom

"A lot of the world's troubles stem from lack of self image: not being confident in who you are and what you're supposed to be doing in life. Wisdom could very well start with a little perspective. Let's understand a couple of basic things here. We're spinning around on a ball of mud that is one of billions and billions of balls of mud spinning through this universe, and the human life form is just one of perhaps many, many life forms throughout this universe. There's part of me that realizes that everything is completely meaningless, really. That if the last human being were to die in the next ten minutes, this Earth would still be spinning and it would rectify its growth pattern and form would start, right? We need a little perspective about how unimportant what we do is. Having said that, I think it's very important to like yourself, it's important to love your family and love your friends and do things that help you grow and help you sleep. That's what I'm trying to do with my life." 

- Graham Nash

April 6, 2010

con artists have more fun

Such a good movie and soundtrack. My life is just not that exciting after watching this... 

March 31, 2010

When life gives you lemons...

If there's one fruit you should always keep a stock of its (drum roll) lemon! No not for all those tequila shots, but more so for all the benefits they provide. Maybe some of you are already aware of the benefits but you might have missed a few. 

There’s a common misconception that because lemon is classified as a citrus fruit it has an acidic effect on our bodies. Quite the opposite actually, I learnt through my nutritionist that lemons have an alkaline effect, which is extremely beneficial considering most of the foods people consume have acidic effects on us.

The benefits include:
  • ridding the body of toxic materials, especially in our liver
  • relieving heartburn, indigestion and bloating due to its digestive qualities
  • fighting sore throats
  • fighting the common cold and fever
  • outstanding source of vitamin C
  • high in potassium
  • rich in vitamin  B1
  • speeding up your metabolism
  • regulating your blood carbohydrate levels which positively affects the blood oxygen levels
  • it’s calcium helps our bones and teeth
  • treating asthma
  • promising successful treatment of pancreatic stones and has also been employed to dissolve kidney stones
Of course, everything in moderation - I'm not saying eat lemons all day long. It's always good to dilute half a lemon in a glass of warm water (just make sure the lemon juice has not been exposed to air too long otherwise its nutrients will disappear). Your body will love you if you drink this twice a day...

March '10 Playlist

help i'm alive - metric
mowgli's road - marina and the diamonds
qui est cette fille - yelle
you and i - medina
hey you - crystal fighters 
hand me down your love - hot chip
solo - chew lips
we have love - hot chip
jump in the pool - friendly fires
shove it - santigold
paris (aeroplane remix) - friendly fires
never forget you - noisettes
i am not a robot - marina and the diamonds
we could be friends - freelance whales
menteur - charlie
on the sly - metric
un petit peu d'air - felipecha
le sapin - charlie
shelter - the xx
infinity - the xx

Happy Birthday!

It's been one year since I started this blog and it's crazy to think of how much happens in a year. Not sure about you but I never thought I'd be where I am today. Every once in a while it's good to reflect on the way our lives are progressing forward, appreciating all the changes and obstacles we've overcome and learning from the mistakes we've made. I hope everyone is able to move closer and closer to their goals each day. I also hope the music and random posts here and there have still been entertaining :) 
all my love,

March 22, 2010

avoiding cheaters is getting easier

Tired of finding out if a guy is a waste of time on your own? I'm pretty sure you are, and probably every other girl around. That's why you can either share the losers you've experienced or be warned of other ones at the site Don' Might be a pushing it a little but still entertaining. 

March 3, 2010

February '10 Playlist

stars come out - calvin harris
i'll get you ft. jeppe - classixx
tonight (above & beyond mix) - dirty vegas
rabbit heart - florence & the machine
anyway - armand van helden & a-track
left my heart in tokyo - mini viva
light reading - late night alumni
walk in the park - beach house
starring - freelance whales
once and never again - the long blondes
it's love - chris knox
i don't know why i love you - ivy
bum like you - robyn
everybody - ingrid michaelson
be be your love - rachel yamagata
kathleen - david gray
possibility - lykke li

February 24, 2010

I've gotten used to finding penguins creatively made out of all sorts of materials from glass to metal to chocolate... but eggplant definitely beats them all.

February 22, 2010

Help Heal Haiti

Everyone should get the chance to give a little (or a lot) of support to those in Haiti. Switch Restaurant and house of glaMO have made this possible here in Dubai by holding a fundraiser event from Sunday Feb. 28th to Monday March 1st from 6pm – 12 am at the Dubai Mall. There will be some good food, music and most importantly an auction with some great items! Book your table by calling 04-339-9131, your support and money will help so many it’s truly worth it. 

I’m glad I got to promote house of glaMO’s “help heal Haiti” t-shirts, you can buy one for AED 200 by emailing: If you can’t make it out to the events at least order a t-shirt! 

It's really great to see how many people are showing their support worldwide :)

February 18, 2010


Remember when it was all about AOL, ICQ and all those other chatting platforms... Lucky for us things have become even more awkward with Chatroulette, a new way to chat with strangers all around the world. 

The concept is basic, there are two screens and a chat box, you've got your picture, someone else's and the button "play." Once you play it finds someone randomly and at any point you can press "next" and find someone new to stare at. I've heard it's addictive and there are all sorts of games you can play to entertain yourself with it. It's also pretty likely you come across a number of people "pleasing" themselves in front of the camera. Apparently, the 17 year old kid in Moscow who designed it didn't know the ratio of obscene people to decent is about 9:1. 

So if you've got some time on your hands check it out, with thousands of online users you're bound to come across a couple interesting stories to share.

February 14, 2010

La Roux – Tigerlily (B. Rich Remix)

happy "love" day

I guess some people do need a reminder to show their "special" someone that they L-O-V-E them, but does it really have to be a worldwide predictable event on the same day? I guess I find it sort of cheesy being at a restaurant knowing every other couple around me is there for that same reason. What if your lover doesn't take you out to dinner, does he not love you enough?? If he forgets to order you roses should you reconsider the relationship? I think if Valentines day is what someone bases their relationship on they've got some inner issues to sort out. Believe me, I know some people who take this day very seriously. 

I clearly remember high school and the rush everyone would get from the roses that would be delivered to the students in class.  There was definitely some sort of rose competition going on with those regular attention seeking students you find in each grade. Mind you, they either sent a bouquet to themselves or agreed on it with their friends. It’s like an unfortunate need to show off how loved you are.

I’ve noticed the expectations of friends around me increase progressively, I remember a time when a rose, some Hershey kisses  and the occasional card would do the job, and now find that if you’re not making a purchase from Cartier’s “Love” collection you'd better have a good excuse to save the relationship! Ok it’s not that bad, but I think there’s a bit too much pressure on couples and their exchanges,  I think we’ve all forgotten that a person’s company is really what matters most on this day. Too bad genuinely appreciating the smaller things does not apply. We can only blame each other and our growing superficial needs. I'm not saying I don't like gifts, I just think if they pop up unexpectedly it makes them  a bit more exciting and special.

On the flip side, Valentines day does hold a record for being the second largest card-sending holiday of the year - after Christmas. At least it’s nice to know that in the midst of all the hatred we see around us, there's still a lot of love to give in some way or another. Let this day be what you want- secretly something to brag about,  personal and special in its own original way, or just another day. As long as you disgusting lovebirds are happy then do what you gotta do and enjoy it :p

February 9, 2010

I feel Better - Hot Chip

I've been waiting patiently for Hot Chip's new cd and it's finally out!! I haven't even heard it yet and I'm sure I'll love it all... already obsessed with this track:

February 4, 2010

January '10 Playlist

how to live - bears (couldn't find it on youtube)
the chills - peter bjorn and john
i'm scared - duffy
lola stars and stripes - the stills
melectric - ramona falls
i'm with you - the stills
intro - the xx
stars - the xx
bluetime - say hi
you've got the love (xx remix) - florence the machine
laundry - say hi to your mom
islands - the xx
sweet sweet heartkiller - say  hi
blah blah blah - say hi to your mom
zero to love - say hi
all the right moves - one republic
watcha say - jason derulo