August 7, 2011

Finally: My Leading Carrot Cake!

Carrot cake really is perfect. It has the right sweetness, a moist fluffy texture and a nutty bite. I've already announced how it's my favorite cake so I won't get into all that. 

I've been going around trying to find my favorite carrot cake, but always manage to find something missing. Either there won't be enough nuts, the actual cake would be too sweet or too dry, the icing would be too sweet. There are so many ways this cake can go wrong. 

Yesterday though, I found THE carrot cake with the right balance of taste and texture. A good friend of mine came over for Iftar and his cake was a real hit. 

The cream cheese flavor was noticeable in the icing- just how I like it, as it gives it that sweet/savory kick. The nuts were plentiful for that bite but not too much that you've got a pile pushed to the side of your plate. The carrot shreds are so yummy to bite into, great way to convince yourself it's healthy. The cake itself was moist and not too sweet. It really hit the spot. There was even some late night picking as you can see. Very dangerous, but worth every bite. 

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