August 21, 2011

How to Delay a Flight Using the "P" Word

Ever been on a plane and realized you REALLY need the restroom before taking off? That happens to me all the time and I don't even get pre-flight jitters. Since my bladder has no mind of its own, I make the mistake regularly and get told off by the flight attendant every time. How can they just say, "you'll have to wait until after we've taken off" and assume I'm not about to explode for whatever reason? 

I'm glad I never took any drastic measures though. Gerard Depardieu on the other hand thinks quite differently and made the choice to pee in the aisle in front of everyone. Unfortunately for his confident pecker, actors get no leeway on planes, and the aircraft had to taxi back to the terminal where he was removed from the flight. 

He doesn't wish to comment on the incident... not sure what he'd say, #thatawkwardmomentwhen I decided to pee on a plane and no one liked it?

At least he everyone now has a funny story to tell. Merci Gerard!

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