March 17, 2012

night at the playboy mansion

why'd i go? i was just bored one night and thought i'd visit good old hef. or for those of you who know me, i won a ticket through a riveting journey with stoli :)

the last thing i ever thought i’d one day be saying is “oh yeah, i’ve been to the playboy mansion.” not like i run around saying it, but i love the expressions i get when i do bring it up. yeah i'm mainly talking about guys. conclusively i think it’s safe to say that it’s every guys fantasy playground, and well if you’re a girl planning on dressing up in lingerie, it’ll be your night to get showered with attention, while you show off what your mama gave ya. or what your surgeon did. hey, i’m totally cool with that. 

i've revisited parts of the night for you in photos, enjoy!

pre-party shot: to remember the innocent days when the only bunnies you knew hid chocolate eggs around your garden.
at the entrance. look at her sitting in there like a cute little bird. what a good girl. 
note: expect a boob or butt in nearly every clear photo.
welcome to the kandy masquerade party! have to say the music was really good that night.
how does a tent this size fit in your backyard? how!
the cage was absolutely necessary, when things got too wild. 
a bit of an overwhelming atmosphere; everyone on their own mission.
stoli's got the hookup yeyaa
imo it was more fun outside by the pool. no splashes that night tho, it was too cold!
all about the yummy stoli punch! i only needed 1 cup. 
boobie trap. who wants them that big anyway?? don't answer that. 
the infamous grotto. no clue what goes on in here.....
how NOT to dress.
i'm talking about me, not my fellow stoli winner tanya. i clearly didn't get the memo that it wasn't prom. although, i do have to give a huge thanks to one of my besties for lending me the dress, i love it. 
how to dress.
nicked this mask off a friend and decided it would be part of my costume for the night. i think it worked out alright.
mandatory stripper pole wohoo! i have yet to take a pole dancing lesson. i think i just don't want to find out how unskilled i am at it.
meet crispin glover... didn't even know his name until a minute ago. the only other celeb i met was luke wilson who either had a bad day or needs some sort of happiness boost. the bunny next to him wasn't doing the trick. 
the right pose: first of all, get your lips done, otherwise don't even try. then, work on the slight open-mouth-pout with a face like you're not bothered to breathe anymore. must also have a boob that's about to fall out of your top. 
khalil and i posing with [insert whatever name you want] failed miserably.
how sweet. those definitely look real.
you know, just hangin out with a couple butts being flashed behind me, the norm.
the coconut macaroons dipped in melted chocolate made my night.
when you don't get a guys attention by standing next to him like that, you wonder what does. looks like her butt's loneliness is killing her. 

ok so it wasn't exactly a party i'd find myself at again, but despite the atmosphere that reeked of desperation, it was one hell of an experience that i love sharing with people. apparently if you're not invited but want to go, just pay a hefty amount if you're a guy, and send in some naked photos of yourself if you're a girl. is that true? i give props to those girls who worked their bods for this night and fought the cold in their tiny outfits, despite their grape-sized goosebumps. there were a couple girls just painted on and i think they were getting followed by every guy that passed them. 

now, to answer the most common questions i've been asked: 
1. yes, i'd say a lot of the brestesses looked quite silicone-esque. i just don't get why they'd go so big.
2. no, i didn't see hef. apparently he only plays for a bit before he needs his beauty sleep.
3. no, i didn't get a ticket by sending in any naked photos of myself, stoli gave me one.
4. no, i didn't consider turning into a lesbian for the night.

my family crack me up the most. i think the most concerning comment i got after going to the party was from my dad stating his relief that it wasn't my kind of party, to which he said, "i'm so happy you realized the playboy lifestyle is not something you want to be a part of." ummm i'm glad you feel at peace about that dad, i guess you won't have to worry anymore about me perpetually contemplating boob jobs and revealing bunny suits. THEN, as if that's not weird enough, i found out after my father shared this "good news" with his aunt (apparently it was a family concern), she deduced that i now want to stop acting. i don't get it, do my family think i'm trying to make it in the porn industry? you gotta love Arab families.

again, a big thank you to Stoli for sending us out there, it was definitely a memorable experience!

xx penguina


  1. Anisa - Haha this is hilarious!

  2. OMG Penguina!! The line about your family thinking you are trying to make it in the porn industry cracked me up!