August 3, 2011

Good Morning DXB: Stay tuned for my own workout routine!

After I trained to be a yoga instructor two years ago, I never really used my qualifications except once with my brother. That turned into a total joke because I enjoyed watching him do sunflowers too much, the lesson was pretty much sunflowers and laughter, sunflowers and laughter, sunflowers and laughter… you get it right.

After getting into yoga I realized it wasn’t as satisfying for me. I need something that includes the stretches yoga offers, but more of the fun energy and good music of dance classes. So I decided that before I teach anyone I’m going to come up with my own routine to the music I love that pumps me up and cools me down. Once I have my routines down I would love to invite all my friends to try it out. I’ll make sure you release all the endorphins you need to keep you happy!

Anyway, in order to come up with the types of routines I want, a lot of research needs to be done and so my good friend Yazzy and I have decided to experience the different gyms and workouts Dubai has to offer. This way we’ll rate them so that you know exactly what to expect from each, and I can also get all the research I need done. 

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