September 8, 2012

hello from NYC

i'm so excited to be spending 4 days in nyc.

- see old friends
- eat
- document
- walk non-stop
- explore

i'll be sharing more from my trip once i'm back home. peace :)


September 6, 2012

The right bathroom for you

ever since middle school, i've had a growing interest in interior architecture and design, to the extent that i believed i was going to become the next big thing - coffee table books and all. very cute.

i decided to attend my first summer course in architectural design at new york's pratt institute when i was 16. i'm glad i attended it, because what i did find was that i'd rather wait tables at johnny rockets, and that i would never again walk alone in brooklyn. long story short, it involved me, two of my friends and a stranger who threatened to steal me if we didn't give him a dollar. umm.. is that all i'm worth?

anyway, i realized shortly after, that i was always more interested in working with the space once it was already designed. also, xacto knives and cardboard paper? not my thing. i do however have utmost respect for those who love it.

over the years i've slowly created a mental scrapbook of ideas. yes yes, i know, now there's pinterest. i should probably hop onto that bandwagon, but for now i've added some bathroom ideas below that caught my eye. i'm ALWAYS intrigued by bathrooms, more so than the actual bedroom. it's a very important room. in my perfect world i can afford any bathroom i want. so... yeah. 
space is key. this one might be a bit too large though, i'm a little intimidated.
another angle. i really love the contrast of the purple and white. very clean.
who would say no to this? if i lived by the water this wouldn't be such a bad idea. 
interesting. you'd probably have to shower like a rockstar though... in case anyone's watching.
 so much space i can do a cartwheel!! that should be the requirement, "is there enough space for a cartwheel and perhaps a round-off on a really good day? great."
 i love the fireplace. also the old-fashioned bathtub, stunning. 
more masculine. doesn't really look like a bathroom though does it. i prefer white to black.
 very zen. the candles are a must. i wouldn't necessarily need the stones in the middle. i'm too clumsy and prefer not to turn the lights on if i need to make a visit halfway through my sleep. not down for injuries.
 a bathtub and a standing shower are both a must. i love this style of overhead shower. the color is also pretty amazing.
 is that a pool?! this ones elegant but the bathtub is huge and i don't take THAT many baths. could be the angle but it looks like a whole load of wasted water from here. also i need more space. yes, need.
 love the style. although i don't think i'd want it; it's more of a guest bathroom. something about it says, don't use me, just look at me being cute, smile then leave and close the door behind you thank you.
the layout is not bad, i'd change the colors. 
 oversized sauna? i feel trapped just looking at it.  way too dark.
what's going on in here, is it a bathroom or a garden? too much clutter, i feel like there are hidden animals and insects that are camera shy.
great standing shower! not spacious enough. 

at least i've narrowed down my requirements to:
- cartwheel friendly
- clean and playful colors
- old-fashioned tub
- modern standing shower
- fireplace
- candles
- lots of mirrors
- surround sound
- lots of natural light


September 5, 2012

long overdue random realizations

- i suddenly need a xylophone.

- sitting inside the car while getting a carwash isn't as exciting when you're alone... it's very lonely.
- i'm craving a rainy day with thunder and lightning.
- i don't have patience for people who always expect me to say hi even after we've made direct eye contact. is there some sort of social code i'm missing out on? i'll just assume they suffer from myopia and aren't aware.
- a hot shower never fails to make me feel better.
- how great would it be if we had full length instant body dryers as we walked out of the shower?
- i don't get couples who post status updates on fb while they're on their honeymoon... shouldn't you be occupied?
- i have a renewed love for strawberry jell-o.
- hate it when i try to swiftly throw my gum out but instead get it stuck to my fingers leaving me standing there wagging my hand in public. very debonair.
- do mosquitos generally recognize other bites on you and decide you must be tasty? bastards.
- getting flashed by the speeding radar on sheikh zayed road really hurts. the memory haunts me.
- it's really awkward walking up to someone you're meeting up with from a distance who's already spotted you. should you start walking faster? suddenly you're very conscious of how you walk. this quite possibly only applies to me....

xx happy wednesday 

September 4, 2012

Dog's Diary vs. Cat's Diary

"in an attempt to disgust them, i once again vomit on the carpet" - cat

September 3, 2012

September 1, 2012

a leftover concoction

there's always a point when there are so many random leftovers in the fridge but nothing that can really be eaten together -unless you utilize some culinary skills. this fried rice dish does not require someone with a chef's expertise, but it definitely tastes like it does. so if you happen to have eggs-carrots-onion-turkey breast cold cuts-brown rice-spinach, you're good to go! like i said, very random, but who knows.. the world works in funny ways. 


1 egg, 2 egg whites
2 large carrots chopped
half a large onion finely chopped
around 1/2 lb of cut up turkey breast cold cuts
2 cups of cooked brown rice
3 packed cups of fresh spinach
olive oil (just wing it, i didn't measure. don't put more than a tablespoon... unless you want to)
soy sauce or salt .. or both
freshly ground pepper (i mean.. cmon, if you enjoy food your pepper should always be freshly ground)
 heat the pan, add some olive oil and sauté the onions until they're translucent, then add the carrots. please don't burn.
add the spinach and cold cuts. cook until the spinach is nearly wilted. make room for the rice.
 mix the rice and eggs separately, then add it to the pan.
mix them all up and add the soy sauce and optional salt-n-pepa (had to).

i eat it with ketchup.