August 2, 2011

Battle of the Tallest Skyscraper

I mean the Burj Khalifa certainly didn't think it would be the tallest forever did it? Well not to worry it has another 5 years before it crumbles in depression. 

Jeddah Tower which will be 1,000 meters (will that even be high in 5 years?) will not only have the typical offices, apartments and condominiums, but will have a Four Seasons Hotel. At a slim cost of $1.2 billion, it will also be facing the Red Sea. Not sure which of those is supposed to be the unique selling proposition though.

Now I KNOW not everyone suffers small wiener syndrome with all the "my tower is taller than yours" business (oh wow), but why oh why do Arabs need to compete and prove everything to such Shakespearean proportions. 

We get it, you are swimming in  $$$$. However, if you're ever bored of it, there are some hungry people in Somalia who might like some, just a silly thought. 

But I understand, every country spends its money the way it pleases and has no obligations to fix the misfortune of other countries; if they do and I'm just ignorant that's my bad, I just know what the news tells me.

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    sooo true...but who cares about the starving muslim brethern in somalia when you can prove you have a bigger package in your pants by throwing more money away on skyscrappers that nobody will buy because the world is in recession.

    such thinkers these billionaires are.