August 30, 2011

*happy eid - eid mubarak - عيد مبارك*

I can't explain how happy I got when I found out today would be Eid al Fitr, thank God for the moon this year. All I kept doing was checking my bbm status updates. Then as I was watching Scoop last night, falling in and out of snoozes, my bbms went off the hook. Somehow a surge of energy went through me and I actually got up to go for a run (is that normal?)

I'm excited to spend the next couple of days in Abu Dhabi with my parents. For some reason Eid reminds me of white tights and frilly socks. Every year when I was younger my mom would get me gifts (usually clothes) and they'd include a dress, white tights or socks, and black patent shoes. Ever since I hit 11 though I stopped getting those gifts... very strange. This year I sported my own take on white tights and patent flats.

As peaceful and reflective as this past month has been for me, I'm glad my life can return to its regular system:
#1 I cannot sleep at 4 am anymore.
#2 I miss needing only 7 hours of sleep rather than the 13 which can easily be pushed to 15.
#3 I'm not a fan of eating so much at 3 am, junk included which I usually don't crave.

I hope you all enjoy your festivities; whether you're spending it with your family, traveling with friends, or just getting smashed.

Enjoy life and all that you have xx

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  1. Eid Mubarak to you and your loved ones, May!