August 3, 2011

Breaking a Sweat in DXB: Platform 3

I love gyms. Not the generic ones you find in apartment buildings or hotels, but the fun energetic ones that really lift your mood. Yes they do exist, I just didn't think they would in DXB. I always knew a friend of mine was working on his own gym but never gave it much thought since I've seen a lot of what is offered here. 

Then a couple nights ago on one of my walks with Yazzy, we passed by his gym which had finally opened that day - Platform 3. Trust me, I don't get excited amidst dumbbells, punching bags and treadmills so I don't know what happened to me there. First of all the location is great, it's at Park Island in the Marina. 

Once you enter you've got your Conditioning Zone on your left with different workout tools that you might not recognize as some are only found in the UK, such as the TRX training. You'll also find the Climbing Zone with an 8 meter wall to knock yourself out with.

On your right, an impressive Boxing Zone with punching bags as well as a whole customized Everlast boxing ring. Added bonus: you can change the lighting to your preference, and they have all colors of the rainbow. You might not know it, but these small details really make a difference. 


As you go upstairs, you have a juice and snack bar on your left, "Refuel," where you can can satisfy your protein shake, juice, or wheat grass shot craving (score!). Right by the juice bar are glass doors which lead outdoors where you'll find Power Plates as well as The Green Room, a lounge area with computers and free WiFi. I could seriously live there. 

On the right of the stairs you have the DJ's turntable, of course, every gym should be well equipped when it comes to music. Then further down you have more of the Cardio Zone housing the basic exercise machines you are familiar with.  You will also find the Inwood corner library with books regarding health/workouts/fitness. This is also where the sports therapist and the nutritionist's offices are located. Apparently the therapist does magic and will heal any pain in your body.

Honestly, I'm still not doing the place justice. I can't describe energy and make you feel it, you have to experience it.

What you need to note about Platform 3 is that it's quite exclusive; you can only use the facility if you have a personal trainer or if you are signed up for their classes. There are no drop-ins like a regular gym. This makes me quite happy, considering the number of times I catch McSleazy hovering around me while I stretch. 

One of my best friends experienced a training session with Mad Mike just yesterday, and from the sounds of it, I'm not sure he'll be able to walk for a couple days. At least once you're done with your intense workout you can relax in the changing room and enjoy the sauna and rain shower. 

After getting a tour of the facility by one of their energetic staff, I tried out a machine as you can see to the right. I think I make it look effortless...... anyway, there are only two of these at Platform 3 and if I remember correctly the only two in DXB. 

Open 7 days a week from 6am - 11pm. If you give them a call at +971 4 435 8083 they'll fill you in on all of their training packages. They recommend you start off with a nutritional assessment first of your fat/muscle percentage etc, as this way they'll be able to gauge exactly what you need in order to attain the exact goals you have for your body. 

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  1. nice! how cute is the juice bar!