April 30, 2012

Spiritual Thought of the Day

Resilience and bouncing back is all about what you decide to make of any negative situation and what you're going to do with it. The faster you move on to a positive emotion, the better off you are. The inclination of our times is to think that talking about every negative thing that ever happened to you to a therapist is often not about resilience and healing, but is rather about creating victims. These 'victims' talk about their negative issues far too long without making significant plans to "feel better" and to "feel good". We are a nation of people psychologized into being "victims", talking bout the game, rather than actively playing it, and resenting the fact that we aren't. We give much too much attention to what is wrong rather than what is right. We focus much too much light on problems and negative feelings and not nearly enough with getting on with it. We are made to be resilient and to "bounce back". And the process of healing depends on the forward moving process of growth to bring strength, resilience and "bounce back". 

The Emotional Gym is about getting on with it, about your capacity to feel positive feelings and to build strong emotional muscle into your life without dwelling on every negative event and emotion that has occurred in your life. 

Growing the Positive Mind, Dr. William K. Larkin

summer drinks

fancy a skinny bitch?

a friend of mine recently introduced me to this fresh, simple mix that'll definitely add some zest to your day as the summer heat gradually takes over. as much as most people love the summer sun, when you live in the UAE you really miss the absence of it. a skinny bitch will definitely cool you down without affecting your energy levels, considering there isn't any sugar in it.


1 glass
ice to fill glass
half a handful of fresh mint leaves
1 freshly squeezed lemon
enough s pellegrino


April 29, 2012

choose your sex

horoscope sex style -
really sucks to be an aquarius, cancer or pisces.

when in london

love me some ottolenghi!

random realizations

  • my phone for sure has started to think falling on the ground is a sign of endearment from me. as much as i want an iPhone i'm so scared it won't withstand my harassment.
  • switching between the 3 lanes to ad makes the trip so much more exciting. oh and getting pulled over by the popo.
  • people need to stop skimming off the top - you know you're gonna eat it all. just enjoy every bite.
  • you know you're out of it when you ask someone if they have toilet paper instead of nail polish remover and only realize after they reply "umm yeah a couple rolls, why?"
  • do NOT drink a liter and a half of water then drive to dubai in a short dress. just don't.
  • whys the girl always the bitch?
  • mosquitos must enjoy my blood a lil too much (i say this with a puffed eye and face from 14 awkward bites).
  • nutella makes everything better, and worse.
  • i will soon find that all of my money has gone to baker & spice.
  • that uncomfortable moment someone remembers me and i have no recollection of ever meeting them happens way too often. 
  • tans make everyone look much more fit
xx penguina

April 28, 2012

April 24, 2012

sing it

But don't ever question if my heart beats only for you, it beats only for you.

what a voice. i haven't heard that many songs by emeli sande, but the ones i've heard are pretty powerful. this one can probably sing about a hairball and make everyone sing along with all their heart and soul. she's one of those. there's something so therapeutic about singing your heart out, granted that you're not hurting your throat. i hope you all belt it out in your cars/showers/wherever as long as you're not that annoying person who does it in front of everyone cuz you think you have such an amazing voice and no one ever tells you you don't. painful. i vouch for the shower, it always sounds so good in there, until you stop the water and your confidence trickles down the drain. i'm so deep.

happy tuesday songbirds :)

xx penguina

April 18, 2012


it's that time of the month ladies and gents!

have a great weekend... be safe.

xx penguina

April 17, 2012

who wants a cookie?

probably some of the yummiest cookies you'll ever try - get ready for the warm, gooey, heavenly, sensational... you get it. 


April 16, 2012

come to me

i need your bedroom eyes...

random realizations

who else would it be?

  • i think absofuckinlutely is such a fulfilling word and wish it was used in the professional world.
  • i think everyone should do reiki.
  • i'm so excited summers coming up. like abnormally excited. 
    • very disappointed i have yet to hug a penguin at the mall.
    • i'm honestly a little confused/hurt that one of my guy friends was shocked that i know how to drive.. what exactly does that imply?
    • i need to stay put in abu dhabi for a while seeing as when i decided i'd for once go early to my trainer, i realized i was driving to dubai instead... cue pixies "where is my mind." needless to say, i was late; story of my life.
    • if a taxi beeps at me again the MILLISECOND the light turns green i'm just not gonna move. 
    • a lot of people in the middle east need to realize eating healthy isn't about weight loss, but maintaining the utmost energy throughout the day, having great skin and much more i.e. always looking and feeling young and fresh.
    • getting your nails done with friends is such a great way to catch up when you hardly have time to. especially to talk about all the guys you've hooked up with recently. NOT. that sort of behavior does not happen in any Arab country. no really, it hardly does; the guy pool is too shallow.
    • it feels SO good to leave a facebook group that's constantly sending notifications. i don't think i care enough to be part of it if i just turn them off. 
    • DON'T tan until a previous sunburn is fully recovered. it's not a pretty sight and it involves little water bubbles under the skin. 
    • driving from ad to dxb is vicious in the fast lane. i'm pretty sure everyone's theme song is luda's MOVE BITCH.
    • i think jones the grocer can afford to add a couple more salads to their menu.
    • it's been a while since i've had some really good sangria...
    happy tuesday!

    xx penguina

    party feet

    i like and want.

    April 10, 2012

    hello love.

    happy tuesday, tell someone you love them, if u do.

    xx penguina

    April 8, 2012

    mashup your life

    i hope you all had a stunning weekend. i spent mine catching up with friends who are visiting (there's always someone visiting) and studying for my french exam while my dad painted my walls. it was supposed to be a joint effort; i failed at making that happen of course. i also realized that the paint on my wall looks nothing like it did in the store... i also don't enjoy eating at Hakkasan. love the bar, but not so much a fan of the food. i finally checked out the hiltonia sports club, which i haven't visited in ages. it feels good to be part of a gym again; at least the thought makes me feel more fit. i need some major toning up before i consider looking at a bikini. taebo definitely raped my ass though. i need to find dance classes here, abu dhabi's gotta have some somewhere. 

    i feel like it'll be the last relatively nice weekend before it becomes unbearably hot. i'm trying to stay positive and think of the great tan i'll be getting; but the thought of all that lovely sweating and needing to shower more than three times a day doesn't give me any comfort. something tells me i'll be escaping all of july + august this year. anywho, i'm off to dxb for a wardrobe fitting, let's hope this week flies by :)
    happy sunday! ps. isn't this such a good mashup?!

    xx penguina

    April 2, 2012

    why not?

    When it comes to our love lives, we're either involved with someone or we're not. Some of us are happy in relationships, some are miserable and hoping the attachment wanes away on its own (fyi worst situation, sucks for you guys). In my opinion, the most preferable status to be in when you don't want to commit but wouldn't mind some playful fun is a flirtationship.

    So... a flirtationship... pretty much a rapport with someone with a lot of fun flirting and such, for a period of time. No commitments, and if any attachment is developed, the person should deal with it on his/her own, don't make the situation sticky for the other person involved.

    It's not for you if you:
    1. are a hopeless romantic
    2. are traditional at heart
    3. are in a vulnerable point in life
    4. sleep with rollers in your hair
    5. forget how to utilize your rational mind a lot
    6. think too much
    7. take yourself too seriously (loosen up peeps, no one really cares that much)
    8. suffer from acute anxiety
    9. take photos of your abs on your phone to "stumble upon" by mistake when you're with the girl (honestly... don't even know what to tell you. Refer to #12)
    10. never got enough love from people
    11. have ocd/ are an intense perfectionist (there's a minimal amount of perfectionism that can still work to your advantage)
    12. have way too many insecurities; not getting into specifics, the scale is "a little," to "way too many," (you should be somewhere in between)

    The rules:
    1. be straightforward from the beginning and genuinely understand the contract: this is not a relationship.
    2. don't over analyze anything.
    3. be aware that feelings will most likely evolve, BUT that doesn't mean it's moving towards a relationship.
    4. convo doesn't need to get too heavy, but if it does, consider the situation moving towards a better friendship rather than a relationship.
    5. be aware that when/if feelings evolve someone will most likely get hurt, but enjoy the hurt; after all, you put yourself in this position.
    6. the second one of you gets bored or loses interest, be completely honest, the other person has no right to get mad or be dramatic.... in front of you.
    7. no need for intense pride, take this as an opportunity to be as straightforward as you want, you don't need to work your ass off trying to act like you don't like the person that much, you've already covered rule #1.
    8. respect at all times.
    9. no need for loyalty.
    10. no need to worry about impressing the person for a potential future together, if it's to add spice to the future of your flirtationship sure, (not that i think it can last too long - one or both of you will eventually get bored and want something/someone else). i.e. showing them how good you are with children is not necessary.
    11. don't assume the other person is starting to like you more because of things that are said or done, until the person actually says "I want more" don't make it awkward for the both of you and back off out of the blue. The other person might just be enjoying the idea that they can act cute and cuddly with a person and not have to worry about any commitments. Also, some people are just naturally very caring people (with everyone), if the other person is being sweet don't give yourself that much credit. 
    12. when it ends, share a hug and look forward to the next.
    13. HAVE FUN!!!

    happy flirting xx