August 11, 2011

Help Someone Out! #RamadanFleamarket

I was directed to Voice4Charity today, which is a non-profit organization that helps bring awareness to charities and other NPOs in the UAE. A lot of times these charities don't get marketed as well as they should and with the myriad of people looking for ways to help out, it's a shame. Charity work  should never go by unnoticed so Voice4Charity is doing a great thing for everyone.

Right now Voice4Charity is preparing a flea market during Ramadan. It's a great way to give away anything you don't need/use because there's always someone out there who will gain from anything you give. Of course someone benefiting from your old pair of socks with holes is a long shot, so I'd say be a tad bit realistic with your give-aways.

If you are interested in being involved with volunteer and charity work regularly, email or call her on +971 56 785 9814.

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