August 10, 2011

Le Bum Flush

I was recently introduced to the concept of colonics and was pretty keen on getting one. A couple of my friends swore by them so I thought why not give it a go. Of course me being me I had to research the idea before doing it. Who wouldn't research it?! The idea of 60 liters of water being flushed up my butt doesn't make me smile much. I was supposed to get it in London, but after speaking to some friends decided against it. I found out that it is used a lot by people who have problems going to the bathroom (not to pee) and since I consider myself healthy in that regard I decided to use those 3 hours doing something I enjoyed a bit more. I don't drink much alcohol or eat much junk so I figured I'd be able to live without one. 

I recently came across the article "Colon Cleansing: Not so healthy"  and felt pleased with myself for not going through with it. The article basically covers how there is no actual proof that the treatment works, and if used improperly can have serious consequences. 

Ever since the idea of colonics have been said to lead to weight loss, metabolism and energy boosters and immune system enhancement people have been swearing by it. Medical associations have been considering this a placebo effect as there is no proof a colonic can do this. Of course someone who doesn't eat well will consider whatever relieves their bloated discomfort a miracle. If you aren't pooing, anything that helps you "go" will make you feel better! No wonder models are so fond of them. 

A friend of mine told me her trainer had a colonic and it had an extremely vertiginous effect on her. She is healthy and she just felt it took away all her energy. I agree with the above article and say keep stuff out of your butt. Just eat well, exercise and get good sleep, stop making yourself an exception. 

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