August 1, 2011

Good Morning DXB - Choosing your next book became so much easier!

I'm constantly looking for new books to read. I usually make sure to have one lined up once I'm done with my current book and at times can't help but start two simultaneously. My previous roomie, Zaina, who always enlightens me with useful tips, just introduced me to which book.   

which book is your source for finding the book you want. With its panoply of specific genres everything is organized superbly, which is something I really appreciate (yeah I'm a perfectionist.... leave me alone I'm a scorpio). Anyway, you can create your own lists and share them with friends or stick to the W Lists which have different genres such as:
  • Comfort zone
  • Short and sweet
  • Laugh your pants off
  • Weird and wonderful
On the left you are given options and can rate the level you want in your book results. You can then specifically rate your preference for "character, plot and setting." Check out the image to get a better understanding. Such a great site - thanks Z xx

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