August 20, 2011

Watch My Experience at the Animal Rescue Centre!

My roommate and I had a mini mountain of cushions by the door hoping to be picked up. Lucky for them, I found out about the flea market that voice4charity was holding, in collaboration with the Dubai Animal Rescue Centre; which was also the drop off location. I really wasn't expecting the experience I had upon entering. What I thought would be a 10 minute drop off, turned into a good 30 - 40 minute tour of the shelter, which houses approximately 110 rescued animals.

The lady of the house, Ayesha Kelaif, has been giving animals a home for the past 10 years. The range of different animals is astonishing; from dogs, cats, and rabbits to reptiles, ponies, alpacas and so many more. I had a friend inquire if there were dragons. Unfortunately, none have been rescued yet, but stay tuned to the website for updates. 

The whole family is dedicated to giving these animals a comfortable home away from the abuse and neglect most had suffered. It's such a touching experience and if you like animals you should stop by; they are always willing to give tours during their open hours. With the help of volunteers, Ayesha plans on opening an actual rescue centre that will be able to accommodate more and more animals. Schools will also be able to organize special tours to educate students on the importance and responsibility of pets and their care.

Check out the tour I was given by Ayesha's wonderful daughter, Sara. Please excuse the shakiness and quality; I was so overwhelmed, and the video was completely impromptu; I was just excited to find any camera in my purse!

It's so interesting to know that a regular house on a street filled with houses, has such a special story to it.

Truly inspiring.  

If you want to volunteer, visit their website at or contact them on 050-8587844.

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