August 2, 2011

Check it out: Beauty Workshop with Basma from B. beautiful!

I've never been a fan of putting make-up on. Really the only make-up I use is my blush and concealer, with an additional eyeliner and mascara when I've got a night out. I've never felt good with more make-up, but every once in a while I find a make-up artist who really makes me realize that putting on that extra eye shadow has such a beautiful touch. I never thought there would be a way for me to wear pinks or greens on my eyes without looking like a drag queen, but I'm always excited when I'm proved wrong. Basma from B. beautiful has proved just this and I love learning from her.  

I have had Basma make me up for a shoot ages ago and I absolutely loved it. This was when she was sort of starting off. Now I don't even need to recommend her to friends and agencies because she's one of the most sought out make-up artists in DXB. I recently went back to her for an experimental make-up session and just loved how easy and fun it is to work with her and how determined she is to get what you want right. We didn't realize three and a half hours passing by until I noticed I was late for my shoot. When you know you can sit still for that long with someone experimenting on your face and genuinely enjoy it, you know you'll be keeping them in your books.

As you can see from the above flyer, Basma will be holding a workshop at the Pavilion Downtown. The workshops will be the 12th and 13th of August from 8:30pm - 11pm. They will be small groups so it will be a personal learning experience where you can really feel like you're getting your money's worth. 

If you have the time and have always wanted to learn a bit more about make up give it a shot. Just call or email Basma and sign up. I'll be modeling for it, which I'm very excited to do. I hope I see some familiar faces there!

Check out some of Basma's work below:

 B pretty with Maxfactor Experience

B the one  

B a diva 

  B a xmas Fairy

    B a goddess

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