August 18, 2011

boys n girls: To Tell or Not to Tell

I watched a movie recently and came across a scene that completely sucked, but made me wonder a bit. I have no doubt it must happen a lot, and when it does the reactions are always relative to the situation blah blah blah, but generally, what would most people do?

Girl and boy have been together over a year and are so in love, it's disgusting. Their relationship is so perfect, happy couples doubt their own relationships. One rainy day when boy has been away "on business," he returns to open arms only to leave them empty. Tells girl the speech she knows oh so well.

Sidenote: it's so annoying how "it's me not you" couldn't be more appropriate when the time comes to use it. Too bad we have to find an alternative line to blame our change of feelings, in order to avoid jumping right out of the most cliche film. 

Anyway, boy explains all his reasons, which are undeniably rehearsed, yet, seemingly logical. Suddenly, he had a mature revelation and every obstacle and difference that could have been worked through with love won't be overcome. They should have just put the film on mute and added the subtitles "Frankly my dear, I don't love you anymore." 

Not so long after the break up, girl's best girl friends find out boy was cheating on her. Meanwhile, girl has been in a devastated state and has no idea. 

Should her friends: 

a) tell her immediately 
b) wait until time has healed a little more 
c) act dumb to avoid feeding into more of girl's insecurities


  1. tell her it off while it hurts..being cheated on sucks so much but being the last to know is worse.

  2. Tell her right away for sure (At least I would)! I believe my friends would have the strength to deal with the honest truth and overcome it (and you'd be there to make sure they did).

    I definitely agree being the last to know sucks - At least knowing doesn't make you feel like an idiot that other people knew. And that way she'd have nothing to be embarrassed about, he's the one who should be ashamed of himself.

  3. well it depends, if it is a best friend i would def run and tell her cuz i would expect the same reaction in return. not so close, it is none of my business to interfere.

  4. a) Immediately.

    If you wait until she feels better, it would most probably upset her more... Tell her now so she can get all the pain out now