August 25, 2011


Thank God it's the Weekend!

this week went by so fast for me! it's so weird to know that Ramadan is over next week! can't say i'm sad about that (you so agree so don't even try to judge me). a couple of exciting things have been happening; the show i'm in 'Checking In', which only has a pilot so far, was featured in Gulf News this week, the cast of the show also had a very fun photo shoot with Pose Magazine today (will show some sneak peeks), and next week i'm shooting an exciting video which i will share very soon!

in the meantime, i went to one of my favorite "quick bite" places: Zest in Ibn Battuta Mall. in the heart of the food court by geant, lit up by bright green lights with fresh fruit and vegetables on display, is the only restaurant that could ever attract me to eat in the midst of the grease-infested food chains found there. with the choice of some sandwiches (i recommend the turkey, egg and cheese), the salads which you can also create, and the soups, I don't go anywhere else when I want a satisfying meal ready in less than 15 minutes. to be completely honest, it's their tomato and thyme soup that makes me go back. i fall in love with it over again every time. it's chunky with no cream and has such an addictive taste. need to learn a similar recipe! if you ever find yourself around there with no clue what to eat, i just made your life easier. 

i hope you get some good rest this weekend, and do a couple creative things while you're at it! xx

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