August 23, 2011

Ever Tried Ikea's Dogs?

Surprisingly enough I really love going to Ikea. I enjoy spending time in any home furniture store. Interior architecture and design excites me; I'm always trying to pick up ideas here and there.

When I went to Ikea, which by the way I do not recommend anyone go while fasting, I bought everything I didn't need. I also spotted their famous hot dog joint; I've never tried them here, but this really took me back to my Junior year in uni. It was also Ramadan and my ex roomie and I were just moving into a new apartment building (*sigh* Trilogy). We drove around 40 minutes to Ikea with friends and we all spent a decent number of hours there. 

I'm not sure how we had all that energy that Ikea requires, but we did it, and we also fell in love with their hot dogs. I can remember us eating an absurd number of them each. Now that I think about it, the admiration could have been a result of the fast. But I'm pretty sure we went back a couple times for them.

You've gotta appreciate a store that sucks hours of your day then offers yummy food!

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