September 20, 2011

Your True Description, Right Here, Right Now

Anyone who knows me knows that I love horoscopes and comparing people to their signs. However, I don't know all the signs considerably well at all - I'm not one of those people who can just look at you and tell you what makes you tick. I can only match a couple signs to their months; but I'm always intrigued nonetheless. I've never been into checking my horoscope on a day to day basis; if it's around I'll read it, and if it sucks I'll ignore it. Some descriptions match my personality and some don't; at times I don't consider myself a true Scorpio and at times I do. 

When I read my description on Somebody to Love, I think I really found myself. It turns out my whole life I didn't know I had to account for being a Fire Tiger as well. I have to say it's pretty spot on! As for me being fantastic... why thank you very much :)

Scorpio Fire Tiger

Ballsy as hell. This one has so much fire in her belly that from the moment she's lying in her little carry-cot, she's beginning to get awfully, awfully frustrated. Scorpio Fire Tiger girls want to get out there and take on the universe. They want to meet every last one of us head on. They love a battle, adore a challenge, fear no one, fear nothing and regard a daily challenge as a prerequisite of life. If there was a girl out there who could run 17 businesses, have seven children and find time to climb K2 in the middle of the week, it's this powerhouse. She is a relentless, fiery, feisty, burning ball of flaming ambition. In terms of career, there really is nothing this girl can't achieve. She's as practical as she is creative, but whatever she does, it'll need to be terribly exciting, and just a little bit dangerous. Her real Achilles heel lies in the fact that Scorpio girls are ordinarily cool, calm, collected and assured - but the Fire Tiger is a short-tempered, feisty bruiser. And it's these two different personalities trying to work together that will cause the occasional implosion - and you really don't want to be on the receiving end of what is tantamount to a nuclear blast on a seismic scale. This is no cuddly toy, this a serious cookie who will achieve greatness and, quite possibly, leave a trail of utter destruction in her wake. She's fantastic.

You can also find out the compatibility of you and your partner and find out who your perfect celebrity match is. Apparently getting a 100% is not common so don't get too dissappointed. I just want to put it out there that Josh Hartnett is my perfect match. With 100%. Not like he can get me or anything.... 

Whoever I have showed this to has experienced the same shock and excitement at the precision of the description. There's something about that genuine smile that creeps up on you when you've heard, read or realized something true. Expect it. Check yours out now!

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