September 4, 2011

My Movie Library Update

My mental movie library isn't that great so I try to catch up whenever I can. I usually try to select based on Rotten Tomatoes' reviews. This week I got around to watching State of Play (84%), Orphan (55%), Jane Eyre (85%) and Atonement (83%), In Bruges (81%).

Movie critics just love the most depressing movies don't they!

I was really holding out for Atonement because I wanted to read the book first... guess that's not happening anytime soon. Strangely enough, it's the first time Keira Knightley didn't annoy me. I really do love James McAvoy, I've always got my eyes on him when he's on screen and it's not just his looks, he's really very good at his craft. All in all I really appreciated this movie. No doubt the story was super, I mean come on.. it's Ian McEwan; but also the acting pulled me in. It was also styled perfectly in terms of the set/costume design and the way it was filmed.

Really sucks that one foolish child can break so many hearts; including her own. Don't even want to discuss how disgusting her curly haired cousin was and even more so the guy who "courted" her. Pedo!

Among the many things I was left to think of, was Keira's emerald green dress. I really want it. It embodies that feminine chic and classy look so well. She's a bit too skinny for my liking on screen, but nevertheless stunning throughout.

I don't even WANT to talk about Orphan. K fine I will, but just to say it's been a while since I've gotten so frustrated, scared, and grossed out at the same time. I didn't even select it, it was on TV and I wasn't tired yet. I know the exact structure of this type of film; that newcomer who wants to destroy a family, but deep down just wants love and acceptance, the numerous attempts to kill, the naive family member who usually ends up dying, and ultimately the villain's death. Is it normal that I got satisfied when the father got stabbed? How dare you not consider your wife's intuition you fool!

I will say that for me to hate Isabelle Fuhrman so much means she really nailed the role. How did they make her look so unappealing? Her face looks a bit too weirdly shaped. I can just hear her irritating "daddddy." However, the deaf daughter was adorable, and I always love watching Vera Farmiga.

I love movies about hit men, so In Bruges was the perfect dark comedy for me. I have to admit that in the beginning I was so irritated by the Irish accent that I couldn't understand, but eventually I picked it up, somewhat. I really enjoyed this film; it's so different; from the setting, to the story, to the random occurrences and more so the random comments. Colin Farrell was a genuine baby in it; loved it. Ralph Fiennes is just amazing; whether he's Voldemort or any other character he nails it. It was so funny when that fool of a guard wasn't letting them go up the tower and got the shit beaten out of him. He didn't know who he was messing with. I liked seeing Clémence Poésy again after Harry Potter. Ray's parter Harry was such a good guy... his role really touched me. There was something weird about the whole chaos in Bruges, a place that's so whimsical and sweet. All in all, very random movie but just as great. What's with the alcoves?! "

Because at least in prison and at least in death, you know, I wouldn't be in fuckin' Bruges. But then, like a flash, it came to me. And I realized, fuck man, maybe that's what hell is: the entire rest of eternity spent in fuckin' Bruges. And I really really hoped I wouldn't die. I really really hoped I wouldn't die." - Ray

State of Play was alright. I've been getting more into crime/investigation films, but I'm positive I enjoyed it more because I liked the actors in it. These types of films have a pretty predictable storyline to them as well; last person you expect who is probably close to the investigators blah blah blah. I still like you Ben Affleck, but you were quite the fool in it. You always hear how some actors are really irritable or difficult to be around, Russell Crowe is one of those actors.. and I really do believe it. Sorry dude, I'm sure you're great to the people you care about, but your face has such a bad temper a lot of the time.

I enjoyed Jane Eyre. My father found it slow and my mom slept through it, but I just have a love for period films. I'd need to watch it again because the dialogue was a little too intense for me, but I got the gist of it. I know stories are always written a certain way to keep us intrigued, but why couldn't Mr. Rochester make more of an effort to get her back?! If he wasn't so foolish things could have been much different. I know I know, creating such a happy ending wouldn't be that special to share. I just think people shouldn't give up on the ones they love when they know they are still loved back...

On another note, I really enjoyed the styling of it; Jane's hair was interesting but I loved it on her only; I would never go there. Not a fan of the fuzzy, odd-looking excuse for a beard St. John Rivers fashioned.

I really find Mia Wasikowska such a natural beauty. OF COURSE my outspoken father found her ugly, but it's her unconventional beauty and serene, delicate look that makes her stand out. I can see a bit of Claire Danes without that annoying aloofness.

*Sigh* one day I'll act in a period film. If Judi Dench were in it I'd officially be satisfied with my acting career.

Conclusion: There's always a fool.

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