September 7, 2011

Candy colored sushi... mmm

Finally the weekend is almost here! I hope you've all been enjoying your week so far and that it's been balanced between fun and work. If your balance is off and it's only one or the other, you should adjust yourself. As for me I've been running around preparing for a project I have to complete by Thursday. Won't share any info until it's over, but it's definitely something I haven't done before. Pushing my boundaries big time (calm down not porn). 

Anywho, despite it being fun, I was completely exhausted yesterday by 10pm when I was finally able to sit down. I decided the best way to end the night would be with good food. Dinner at Salmontini after nearly everyone had left was yummy and relaxing. I haven't had much there other than sushi, but I tried their Salmon Tartare which I'd give a 6/10 and their French Lentil Salad which I'd give an 8/10. I love lentils so this salad hit the spot, I just think it was missing an herb or something. 

I haven't had my sushi fix in quite a while, so I got a bit creative with my choice: Tofu, asparagus, cucumbers and avo wrapped in Soy Bean Nori with a Teriyaki Sauce drizzle. It was the first time I tried Soy Bean Nori and looked kind of like a joke; I felt like I was about to eat candy. But it was very interesting - in a good way. Light on the stomach and fun to eat.. I guess cuz of the colors? #cheapthrills.

Enjoy your Wednesday and don't take yourself too seriously xx

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