September 1, 2011

Logos with Hidden Messages

I love witty logos, here are some that I liked mainly because I've seen them before and haven't noticed the "hidden messages."

Ok I haven't seen this one before, which I'm kinda happy about, but found it simple and direct. 

I always figured the logo was of the Swiss Alps but didn't see much creativity in it. Noticing the bear makes me appreciate it so much now.
I never noticed the 'C' either and I'm at Carrefour at least once a week! 

It's so true, I did just think the arrow was a simple line, the last thing I would have thought was 'a to z'

I'm not familiar with the above logo's company, but definitely found it worth adding to this list. 

Never would have pointed out the outline of Australia. Maybe if I saw it on a more regular basis.. 

I see this logo regularly at the mall and never cared much to analyze that what looks like sloppy writing is actually the Eiffel Tower.  

I've had this logo pointed out to me before but was still surprised seeing it again. 


  1. bahhh.

    love this. kind of sad i didn't notice these before...

    ...maybe i should stop thinking im so clever. lol


  2. You ARE clever! It's just some people's job to take that extra amount of time to trick us. Gotta love em for it =D