September 14, 2011

A Little Checkin in

It's funny how attached I've gotten to sharing my thoughts at my tea party. I didn't write for a full day and I wasn't too happy about that. Unfortunately spare time is a little hard to come by when traveling... and spending more quality time with my laptop could have easily labeled me unsocial around my family. They're always ready to attack me :)

Anyway, I feel so lucky that the couple of days I spent in London were bright and sunny! (I'm going to forget the cloud of rain that passed over for a good hour). I can say that I have satisfied my brown rice sushi cravings from Wholefoods. I'd like to believe that eating it for lunch and dinner for three days isn't too excessive... hmm.. Whatever, I figured I should get sick of it so I don't crave it. Unsuccessful.

On another note, catching up with friends, old and new, over the past couple of days was priceless. It's so good to catch up after not speaking for some time. You just realize all over again why each friend is so special in their own way (yeah, I used 'friend' and 'special' in a sentence; hope it wasn't too hard to stomach). All in all I can't ask for more than being with family and friends on a vacation.

After spending most of my time running around London, the train ride back to Egham was just how I needed it to be; smooth and relaxing. Back in Egham now, and I can't complain. As much as I'm a city girl, I do like me some nice and quiet tiempo. Things just slow down for me here, and it's that slower pace that helps me recoup.

Oh yeah - I met a girl, originally from the States, who was born and raised in London and still had an American accent. She's living proof that people DON'T need to speak with an English accent. It sort of drives me crazy when people live in England for a couple years and then suddenly speak with the accent. It's really annoying. If this applies to you, please stop.

Wish I had a fun picture to sum up my last couple days, but unfortunately I don't. So now as I'm cuddled watching Cadillac Records with family friends, I leave you with a photo of a member of their family who happens to be one of the most friendly and loving cats I've met: Miss Pixie. Apparently she's always half asleep. So that combined with the strong sun didn't really help her eyes stay open. She likes attention, to sleep on you, and to be carried ONLY in baby position.



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