September 12, 2011

Treats to try in Beirut

One of my fellow food lovers brought me such a sweet treat on her way back from her relative's store Cocoa & Co. in Beirut. A box of brownies and a rice-crispy sushi roll! I love creative desserts so the sushi was definitely fun to try. I'm such a sucker for good packaging and fun colors. How would you not want to try what's in this pink and orange brownie box?

I looove rice crispy treats AND sushi, so what better combination? Covered with sprinkles or fruit rollup, they were definitely fun and yummy. 

I'm really picky about my brownies. I loved the thin slightly harder layer on top that cracks as you bite into it, and the smooth mushy bite into the heart of it. These mini sized brownies are definitely dangerous to keep around. I would have loved some walnuts in mine for that crunch I always need; but that's just more reason for me to make a stop at Cocoa & Co the next time I'm in Beirut!

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  1. Yaayy!!! You finally got them! So glad u like them. Xxx Hala