September 15, 2011

Stoli presents their ORIGINAL campaign in the UAE!!!

Based on the concept of ORIGINALITYStoli wants to challenge all consumers to wonder how they measure:

 - if they are original?
 - if they are experiencing and living life in an authentic, interesting way?
 - if they are interesting enough to share a Stoli with themselves?

There are 3 prizes to be won: 

1. By the general public, by submitting their videos showing how original they are.
2. From one of the participating bars.
3. From one of our ambassadors by being the most proactive and active ORIGINALITY ambassador.

What are the prizes?
1. An all-expenses trip to L.A. to attend the 2012 Masquerade Party at the Mansion in February.
2. The chance to experience Zero Gravity in L.A.!!

I am proud to say that I have been selected as one of the 4 Stoli ORIGINALITY Ambassadors!
One of the 4 ambassadors (who are each original in their own way) ALSO has a chance to win, so please check out my video below!! Hope you like it :)

So how should you start?! First go to the Stoli Emirates page on facebook and "Like" it. THEN think about what makes you original, and participate in the competition to find The Next Original!

There's so much ORIGINALITY out there - so prove it and go to!!!!!


  1. May, this is so fantastic! I loved seeing you go from completely happy to devastated in the span of a minute! I also just want to say that although I've never met you, you've become a kindred spirit thanks to this beautiful blog that you keep (and i accidently stumbled onto)! good luck, i know you are going to be doing amazing things with your life.

  2. Aysha thank you so much for your kind words, they truly touched me. It's comments like these that really keep me writing and motivate me to do more. I'm so happy for that accidental stumble :) I hope to see you here more and more!

    All my love,
    May xx

  3. Hi May, this is fantastic - congratulations! I will vote for you as many times as I can when the link is available. :o) You really are a true original. :o)))) Have a great trip to London, see you soon xx

  4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Cannot wait to vote for your pretty face :D

  5. That's absolutely incredible May !!! :) it looks stunning! loved every bit of it :) way to go ! I agree with Kathryn! im gonna be clicking nonstop once there's a link ! *hugs*

  6. Mayo it's AWESOME great job - did you direct it also, and is that your apartment or is that just somewhere you filmed it? It looks SO good!

  7. Thank you lovelies!

    Hey Maher! No I didn't direct it, the clients did, we just brainstormed together. Yeah that's my apartment, thank you!!! Come visit :) xx