September 7, 2011

"Be better than the Gap!"

I finally got around to watching Crazy Stupid Love. Really enjoyed it! This is one of those feel good movies I'd own to play in the background over again. The cast was super. Except I wasn't crazy about the babysitter, Analeigh Tipton. Her mouth made my blood boil because she kept trying to open or pout it. THEN I found out she was on America's Next Top Model Cycle 11 and placed 3rd and I really liked her back then. Suddenly my annoyance towards her waned after I realized she's gone a long way; good for her!

I found that Steve Carell and Julianne Moore (who I look up to so much as an actress fyi) had great chemistry together. Kevin Bacon is still around? I haven't missed him much. I got so happy when the son gave that fool a lesson. Gotta say I wouldn't have minded less time around the son and more around Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. I LOVED his role in this movie. He knows how to charm and get all the ladies without appearing like that proud stuck up prick. How is that possible? I lost all attraction to him in Blue Valentine and now it's all back again. He's got that swagga that'll make any girl's heart melt. Boys out there, let him teach you a couple tips. I'm getting scowls now I bet. 

It shows how revamping your wardrobe and getting a full physical makeover (in every way) can do wonders for you. Of course not to all those who appreciate someone only for their heart and soul; you all are much better than me. I love style. And that confident-charming-wit-that-not-many-have-without-that-necessary-experience attitude, is knee weakening. 


  1. I liked Steve Carrell for a change, and I love Julianne Moore. Emma Stone is my Ryan Gosling (?) I am just obsessed with her. I'd never seen Ryan Gosling in a movie before, but he wins hands down with the whole 'be better than the gap' and 'Are you Steve Jobs? Are you the billionaire genius behind Apple computers? No? Then you have no right to wear New Balances'. Amazing.

  2. She's currently a lot of people's obsession, which is cool cuz I really didn't think much of her first time I saw her in Superbad. Hahaha yeah! Love the Steve Jobs line. Aaaand I'm ready to watch it again.

  3. I love the Steve Jobs and be better than the gap line too!And I love Emma Stone as an actress.I agree that there should've been more of her and Ryan Gosling instead of that bizarre crush thing with the kid.And the babysitter's crush on Steve Carrell's character kind of really creeped me out.I really like the movie,though.It's one of those rainy day flicks.

  4. Hahaha you're so right, the babysitter's crush on Carrell WAS extremely creepy, especially since they made her look awkwardly buggish. Such a rainy day/ feel good flick. I'm trying to compile a list of those movies (even though it's always sunny here in Dubai :) It's just comforting to know they're there.