September 11, 2011

A Walk in Windsor Park

There's something about being in England and going for a walk in the park. It just takes me back to 101 Dalmations and the quaint life of Pongo and Roger. I'm a true Disney fanatic. Well, only the movies made circa 1930s-early 90s. The movies transport me to lalaland where I like to hang out a lot. Any cartoon made after that is NOT Disney to me and makes me feel lost, alone and nostalgic.

Being in Egham means waking up daily to the friendly face of Daisy, one of the most gorgeous Weimaraners I've met. As calm and satisfied as Daisy is with just lying around the house, once the word "walk" is mentioned she will not stay put or stop crying until you take her. Her and every other dog right? Yesterday she head-butted Hana, one of my oldest family friends, in the nose from excitement. Pretty intense. As Hana puts it, going for a walk is Daisy's night out at a club where she gets to strut and socialize. I would probably head-butt someone too if I knew it was time to party after sitting around all day...

101 Dalmations really hit it on the spot when it implied every dog is like its owner. I enjoy people watching on a regular basis, but watching them with their pooches is even more entertaining!

Below are some photos from the walk:

Meet Daisy

We bumped into a cocker spaniel puppy who fell in love with Daisy. Daisy's feelings were not mutual. 

I asked Daisy what made her feel nostalgic, she preferred not to answer.. deep.

These pre-swans made the ugliest hissing noise. PMS much? 

She's so well mannered and loyal to whoever is walking her; she'll never stray too far. Well, mainly because she freaks out if she's lost. It was so funny watching her run frantically from side to side when we were just a couple meters away.

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