September 21, 2011

A little sum'in sum'in to get yo booty pumpin

I took a hip-hop class with Sharmila at DUCTAC and I have to say I was so amazed with all the talent filled in that room! Firstly, she's absolutely vivacious and keeps the positive energy and humor up throughout. I think I was just in awe of her the whole time. I've always been told about her class and really regret not going sooner. It was my first time and the end of a routine, so you can only imagine how sad I must have looked. I always thought I could dance... yeah, I was slightly devastated, not gonna lie.

The routine was to Beyonce's End of Time, so it's really all I've had in my head. There are some songs you can dance to and some songs you need a routine to break it down to; this is one of those that's much more fun with a routine.... When you nail it.

If you want to keep up your dance skills, learn new skills, or just get a great workout, this class is for you. Check out her timetable here.


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