September 8, 2011


Time to do a little happy dance for the weekend! Sadly enough for me, my dance involves a couple toe wiggles at the most; I can't even begin to explain how beat I am. I felt like I was on speed this week preparing for a shoot for a short film that was supposed to be done over two weeks, yet crammed into two days. The great thing about cramming work is getting it done; with the amusing addition of regular hallucinations. The irritating thing is that you create more room for problems to pop up; hopefully none of those make any appearances for us. All in all, I spent around 4 out of the 9 hours of shooting, laughing in hysterics; so really it wasn't all that bad. What was bad was getting lost and ending up on that huge Jebel Ali roundabout where trucks don't see regular sized cars. Every once in a while I wish I have spikes that spring out of my car to slash tires of drivers who misbehave. I'm not taking that back. 

I realized that unless I choose to see the sunrise with some wine and good company, seeing it while I'm driving like Cruela to get home, isn't comforting. It doesn't help that after 5 hours of sleep (which is more than I was allowed to have) I needed to pack and drive to Abu Dhabi as I have a flight to catch with my parents. Can I just say that packing and unpacking are very high on my list of things I hate doing. Nearly as high as changing the duvet cover of my bed. I just got goosebumps..  

Despite it all, there's always a way to help me forget and feel happy:

That's right, Pinkberry! I look forward to going to MOE just to have it. I even have a routine for my order. First I have to act pensive and indecisive and I order a chocolate taster (I'm never interested in eating a full portion of chocolate yogurt, but every time I go I think I might be.. then I realize I'm not.. Ahh I just don't learn). Then as if I wasn't a fan, I more confidently state, "no... you know what, I'm just going to go with the original." I'm really going to have to find a new technique soon; I've already started making friends order me the chocolate taster to mix it up. I like how I'm trying to make myself feel special; clearly they won't remember me. Anyway, toppings are always pomegranates for that fruity kick, and oreos for the right crunch. The combo tastes great with the original yogurt; you can appreciate every single taste. This time though I added some pebbles. Nom nom nom. And I'm smiling right now :)

Have a great weekend xx