September 3, 2011

Choco Milk for the Inner Child's Soul

There's always been something about choco milk that reminds me of my youth. One of my dearest friends who I grew up with was obsessed with it, and since we were always together at each other's houses, it was the main beverage of choice. That and cocktail juice, mmm.

Unfortunately I lost interest in chocolate milk for various reasons. First, when I went to uni. Starbucks was always next door and I got introduced to the White Chocolate Mocha. Then I went through my healthy phase where chocolate milk was not nutritious therefore should not be consumed. Then I just started to dislike milk after thinking I was lactose intolerant for three years only to be told I'm not and just can't digest saturated fats well enough. For some reason, a mental discomfort towards milk stuck. Very strange considering I eat other dairy products. I have problems. ANYWAY, I'm now a soy milk drinker and I'm very happy.

Lucky for me, I discovered Silk's Chocolate Soymilk and I loooove it! I don't think it's one of those weird healthy substitutes, because my friends who hate soy milk like it too. I'm always amused with how young I feel when I drink it... and probably more so by how young I look in this photo. Definitely the pjs, that I've worn only once... just putting that out there.

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