October 7, 2011

WATCH ME: Stoli Launch Performance!

Last Wednesday, October 5th was the Stoli Launch party at Republique in the Dubai Mall Address Hotel. What a night! It was the perfect event to party and let loose at after the three busy weeks leading up to it!

At the event, each of the four ORIGINAL ambassadors were supposed to share some of their originality with the attendees. I decided to perform a scene from an upcoming movie that I'm the lead in, which happens to be a song with my "back up singers". They're considered back up singers, but are three of the main actors, and we're all part of a band called the Rougettes. These three ladies have such distinct, beautiful and powerful voices and sing on a regular basis at different venues in Dubai. I've learned so much from them!

It was definitely a struggle at first trying to come up with a way to perform the full song the way it's done in the movie, with the limited space. We ended up cutting the song in half and so I decided to add a video to start with.

Of course there were risks adding a video. First, who pays attention to a video in a club? Unless there are some hot booty poppin chicks shakin what their mama gave em, it ain't gona happen. Second, the acoustics in the venue weren't that great, so the sound bounced everywhere and I'm not sure people were able to hear everything. Third, it's a projector so the quality isn't always as great - which was noticeably the case when I showed up orange in the photos. It's a pretty visual video though, so luckily people could somewhat grasp the idea, but I decided to repost it to clear things up. Anyway, despite it all I was lucky there was a projector to accommodate the video! Big thanks to my roomie Yasmeen who helped me find the perfect opening track x

I've also added the live performance at the end of it, which was done as sort of a continuation of the video.

I definitely couldn't have done it without the director of the movie, Mohammed Rahmo, and my wild, beautiful ladies: Claire Kelly, Melissa Lemaire and Sarah Braganti.

I love my Rougettes ♥

In addition to the performance, I provided my team with t-shirts with the girls from my tea party, and recipe cards for all the attendees. I'll upload photos of them in a seperate post!

It was honestly a fabulous night. I got to meet the other three ambassadors - Natalie Brogan and Mike Daniel who are both great DJs and Jay Wud who is fabulous on his guitar. I definitely DON'T want any of their cds :p Seriously though, well done to all of them. I was dancing to all the music played, and singing along to Jay's songs which is weird - I don't know any of them. There was definitely some Stoli to blame. Of course they've got nothing on me. Nonetheless, it's fun to be part of a talented lot.

Ultimately, I'm grateful to the STOLI and STICKYGINGER team for giving me this kick ass opportunity, which I am enjoying every minute of!

Check out the whole intro and performance below, or click here to watch just the performance.

I hope you enjoy it xx


  1. Wowee!!!! What a performance.


  3. Yasmine El-AshmawiNovember 5, 2011 at 4:55 PM

    mayo very entertaining to watch - i enjoyed the intro! well done. The characters are all so eccentric!

  4. Thank you Yasmooni, I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Can't wait to be seeing you much much more! xx