October 6, 2011

Thank you Steve Jobs

We all have our own attachment to Steve Jobs. Despite the fact that most of us never met him, we all loved him and what he has given us. He genuinely changed our lives. 

My family has always been known for being loyal Apple fans. With our first computer before I was born, in 1985.  Growing up with my brother and father, two tech lovers, a day doesn't go by without the mention of Apple, a new software for it, or product. Each corner of my room has an Apple logo on it. From my iPad, to my iPod, to my laptop - which really is one of my best friends. To this day, without fail, I never pick up an Apple product without noticing how beautifully stylish and simple it is. Not only am I grateful for having these products, but even more grateful someone extremely creative and inventive shared himself with the world. With that said, it’s one thing to be creative and inventive, but another thing to also be inspiring, motivational and charismatic. Not sure there will ever again be someone who will keep us on our toes like we were before each keynote speech; or able to sit completely focused, listening to the introduction of a tech gadget. Ultimately, Jobs wasn’t just selling a tech gadget, but an improvement or enhancement to our lives.

"Life is fragile," as Jobs said. I can’t agree with him more. There is no time for stress and unhappiness; one day we will all be gone and all the petty problems we surround ourselves with will be forgotten. If you’ve been given a life, make the most of it, love it and love yourself.

My deepest condolences to his family, friends, all who knew him, and to all of us who loved him for his genius mind, hard work, perseverance and charm.

I carry Steve Jobs with me wherever I go.

forever loyal

Rest in Peace