October 8, 2011

Saturday Reflection

Today nothing felt better than relaxing in bed and soaking in the sunny rays through the window. I love spending a couple hours awake in bed (when I can) with some relaxing music, just to reflect on anything and everything.

It's so strange to think that it's already October. It just hit me. I remember last October like it was yesterday. It feels like there have been a couple occasions each month since, that are so vivid to me. Scary is an understatement, in regards to how fast it all passed. Ramadan was a flash, September felt like it lasted 15 days, and now my birthday is coming up at the end of the month! Since I'm home in Abu Dhabi with the family, my father pulled out some really old slides where I popped up as a two year old. Now I'm nearly a quarter of a century. Yikes. Each person's life is really like a ball of yarn, and it's so interesting to notice how your life unravels. Despite the good, awful, amazing, painful, funny and weird memories, I'm so grateful. I've been touched by so many people and moments, I hope that I can give back at least half of all that goodness.

Sappy moment over, what makes me really excited is the thought that soon the weather will be perfect for the beach!! Being able to spend more time outdoors is just what everyone in the UAE needs, after months of trapping ourselves indoors just to be able to breathe. However, remember fellow peeps, sunscreen sunscreen, sunscreen! In the coming years, you will be happy you listened :)

Have a splendid and relaxing Saturday xx

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