October 1, 2011

Good Morning DXB: Listen to Me

I have officially experienced being so busy to the point of getting sick! This cold that's trying to creep up on me REALLY couldn't come at a better time. I'm popping pills left and right though, so hopefully that works. The whole lemon and honey remedy didn't kick in as well as it should have. Slightly disappointed.  My stress levels were seriously tested last week between random shoots and submitting a short to a festival. Thank god for good company, food and music to help me power through. Well that's all behind me now and I can only look forward to the benefits that should reap from all the hard work!

This weekend after a pretty short film shoot, I finally had a photoshoot with photographer, Jonathan Gainer. We'd been planning it for a while and it finally happened wohooo! In the 5 hours that passed, we had so much fun exploring different ideas. Can't wait to get my hands on some of the rendered shots to show. He's truly a fun, talented, and patient photographer who I'd recommend to anyone or company. Jonathan's photography covers everything from fashion, to portrait, to industrial, to film and more.

On my way back from Abu Dhabi, for my regular weekend luncheon with the fam, I had this song on repeat. There's just something about it, can't stop listening to it! I really don't get other drivers... and I've realized I never will. We can't ALL be in the fast lane now can we? At least we couldn't today. People don't get it - different lanes, different rules. Oh well.

I'm veeeery excited for this coming week because Stoli's Launch party is this Wednesday at Republik! Each ambassador gets to shake their tush on stage and prove their more original than the other. It will definitely be fun. I'll post photos as soon as I can. I'm also excited because I think I'll actually get to relax this week *fingers crossed*

I hope you have a great Sunday. Remember, the next time you go out for a drink, choose Stoli :)


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