October 24, 2011

To some, "style" is money..

You know those people who don't really understand style, but just buy clothes from a designer's latest collection (whether it's ugly or not) because as long as it's a designer and the purchase implies money money monayyyy, they're happy and feel "stylish"? Those are the kind of people who would probably buy Sigma Germany's "Wood Edition" of their SD1 high-end DSLR.. just m.o.

The wooden case is made of Amboyna Burl, which is a decorative veneer found on a Southeast Asian tree. It then takes around "60 hours to cut, mill and polish." As my friend Menna says, as if trees don't have it bad enough..

It sells for around €9,999 or AED 51,160. I personally wouldn't need it. Translation: it's tacky as hell and I wouldn't buy it if I had that money to throw away.

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