July 4, 2011

"One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure"

Every once in a while I get introduced to something going on in the UAE, and feel a bit more love and appreciation for the country. Today it was the service called "Take My Junk." It's basically what the name implies, if there is anything you want to give away or get rid of/sell, just email or sms them and it'll all be taken care of at your convenience. 

How I found out about it? My roomie and I have been fortunate enough to inherit a beautiful sofa set and were dealing with the hassle of what to do with our current one. Since we are getting our new couches today at 5pm we were considering any alternative including stacking the current couches on the balcony, which wouldn't have been smart at all. My genius of a roomie found out about Take My Junk just in time and was able to schedule a pick up of the couches at 4pm free of charge. 

I think a lot of stuff goes to waste and it really bothers me to throw something away that someone else might need or want. I honestly thought this sort of service would take years to reach the Middle East and now feel bad for doubting the potential here. If you're ever throwing anything out this is definitely the service to use and you never know who you'll make a very happy person that day :)

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