July 10, 2011

Strawberry Tart à la Nida

I'm proud of everyone I know and their accomplishments, but one of the people who I love hearing from and am perpetually proud of is one of my besties Nida. She's one of the smartest girls I know and despite her initial dreams to use her Columbia degree and work in a top bank, she decided to take a slightly different turn and try out a passion she felt would only ever be let explored in her kitchen. 

After pastry school in Chicago she moved back to NYC and has worked for well reknown chefs such as Jean Georges (I forgot her new employer, but he's a good one).  I've told her to send me photos of her delicious work everyonce in a while and this is the first, after a trip to the farmers market.

Here's what Nida had to say, "My strawberry tart made very impromptu at home. Used all the strawberries from the Farmers Market. Citrus sucre shell, vanilla diplomat (a fluffy yet creamy mixture of pastry cream custard and lightly whipped cream), fresh strawberries, apricot jam as a nappage to glaze the berries so they don't wilt too much! Very simple, not too sinful, great with a floral glass of rosé!"

And I thought my impromptu PB + J sandwiches were special...

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  1. yum!!!!

    i want now!!!

    does she have a recipe :)??