July 3, 2011

Israel & Palestine; Back to Basics

My brother and his wife were enjoying a Jazz Festival on Filmore Street, SF and decided to have coffee in The Mission, a hub for young artists. They ended up at Ritual Coffee Roasters where they saw the above image hung on the wall. Thoughts?

After doing some light research I found out that this image replaced another that was banned and forced to be taken down. Apparently the previous piece of artwork was considered too serious of a matter on life to be in a cafe where "whimsical stuff" should be hung such as "pictures of telephone poles, birds sitting on the wires, tapestries of heavy metal lyrics".... and tits connected by metal rings apparently. 

I'm not sure I'd get the same whimsical sensation staring at the above image as I would staring at telephone poles, but I'd definitely be intrigued. Not so much by the tit lock, but the ironic choice of flags on each. I'm not sure who the artist is, but I'd love to hear where he/she was coming from. I can think of a myriad of implications, but would rather the actual one from the source. 

I really love controversial art; I wish there was freedom in the Middle East to exhibit more of it without fearing for the life of your family. It's almost as if people are scared, or don't want to realize the extent of its power among the masses. I understand that it might be controversial and offensive to some, but if we all just get used to it we'd take in what we want, and reject what we don't agree with. 

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