July 10, 2011

boys n girls: A cumulative conclusion of an on going debate

After talking to a lot of my single friends (guys and girls) we attempted to come down to a conclusion to the following question: Do people in Dubai fall in love? Obviously this is a generalization bla bla bla no one needs to get defensive. And I'm not one of those bitter people who hasn't found love here, or someone who constantly bashes it, on the contrary I've grown to love Dubai. Since I came here though, finding a couple who love each other beyond the black hole of superficiality that Dubai has been sucked into is like spotting Waldo on a page he isn't even on. I'm not talking about that premature love we are all aching to feel and say after a couple months of being with someone. But that genuine love that comes when you've stripped the person of everything they own, and are in the eyes of others, and just see with your own heart. 

I get it, we're all pressured by social/cultural/family expectations, but for some reason, these expectations have blown up to a more elitist and demanding level that is just a great way to fuel anyone's morale. Abu's hypnosis with that huge ruby in the Cave of Wonders is actually a state people get into here, except they wouldn't mind getting stuck in the cave (reference to Aladdin for all of you who had a weird upbringing). No one will ever EVER admit the reason they're with their partner who doesn't treat them that well or they don't even enjoy is because of his looks/social/monetary/family status. Despite the fact that their conversations are a bottomless pit of no substance, they manage to put up with it because of their low self esteem and the fact that they've forgotten or never experienced a partner who becomes their best friend and lover for being him/herself. 

At the end of the day, what makes them feel good isn't the person their partner is, but their nascant materialistic obsession of what he/she has, and ultimately how they look with him/her. The problem is these couples manage to convince themselves that they're happy, and only the lucky ones break free and realize their relationship wasn't real. Some people never do, but they don't need real. For those, Dubai is more than perfect. 

Reasons are endless as everyone has their own, but perhaps a lot of people are too busy boosting their own self-esteem, that they don't have enough attention to spare to take care of someone else, or love someone for who they are.  It could be that the people aren't capable of loving anyone other than themselves. Ultimately, I think it can be agreed on that Dubai has a pretentious fog over it. So maybe the correct question to ask is: Once you're sucked into that black hole of superficiality, can you find a way out? 

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