July 2, 2011

Craving some Gratuity?

I never thought I'd recommend a vegan restaurant to anyone. It's not that I'm a big meat eater, but most people do like their protein in the form of juicy red meat, chicken, fish or cheese. I knew immediately though, that it would be safe to big this place up after my brother and father who cannot enjoy their meal without some form of meat, couldn't stop talking about it. Thanks to my good friend Razane who circled it on a map for me :)

Located in a quiet area in San Fran, with a sign that kindly asks that cell phones be used outside, Cafe Gratitude has such a cozy and simple vibe. With its quirky wood finishings and big tables that seat people who aren't even dining with each other together, I was in love with the place before even looking at the menu. In the center of each table is a basket of game cards all having to do with gratitude and other spiritual sayings, I later found out the cafe was based on this game. I was too into the food to concentrate, but I'm sure it's an interesting game. There was also a wall of  books, mugs, board games and other cute gift like items. 

Once we sat down and tried to understand the menu, which had a name for every meal like "I am Whole" or "I am Comforted," we decided to order a couple different meals to share (basically everyone wanted to play safe). I'm not going to lie, I was nervous the food wouldn't be good, especially since I have a family of foodies and my brother kept reminding us "this is the place May chose."Anywho, the  drink list ranged from light juices to mixes with wheat grass, to heavier milkshakes. The bar is open so you can see them working on your drinks. Nothing looks that great coming out of the juicer if you know what I mean... 

Keep in mind nothing they serve has any meat, dairy or wheat, just substitutes I don't even know about.

After we realized how much we had ordered, we were sure we'd need a doggy bag. By the time we were satisfied there was nothing to take home, we were even overachievers and ordered dessert. Check out the link to the photos below. 

Needless to say, we all left happy, satisfied and grateful. 

I couldn't finish my "I am Rejuvenated" with wheat grass, apple and other greens, but I'm sure it's got all the vitamins I need for a month. 

I am Nourished (top left): a wrap made of flax and apple curry with veggies inside. I am Transparent (top right): vegan sushi with veggies. I am Comforted: vegan mac and cheese with zucchini noodles and cashew cheese sauce (this was a favorite). 

I am Whole: sea vegetables and kale, steamed quinoa with a tahini-garlic sauce and teriyaki almonds. The almonds were so tasty my brother saw me desperately searching for one and purposely didn't tell me he saw a glimpse of one just so he could nab it when I gave up! He's not selfish at all, the food was just THAT good it was everyone fending for themselves.


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