July 18, 2011

Lime Tree Cake Tasting

To those of you living in Dubai, there is no better time to go to Lime Tree Cafe than to pick up cake for someone's birthday. There's pretty much an excuse to get as many types as you want; unless you don't need that excuse which is great. That's exactly what I did a couple days ago. Then I justified it with being research for my blog as well. The cakes I chose in order of preference:

1. The Lime Tree Carrot Cake: carrot cake is my favorite, so I'm very picky. Lime Tree's was so moist and delicious but I would have enjoyed more nuts for that extra bite. Also the icing was slightly too creamy and sweet, I prefer it with more of a hint of a cream cheese flavor and slightly more granulated - similar to Magnolia's icing. 

2. Orange & Chunky Chocolate: Meant to be eaten with yoghurt but I preferred it without. It was a very yummy cake, not something I would crave regularly, but the taste was different which makes you want to keep eating until you figure out what it is you like. 

3. Banana Cake with Fresh Banana Frosting: I loved this cake once upon a time, but then when I tried it again the frosting was just way too sweet and it was overall too heavy. I would have preferred it without any icing at all, and perhaps some nuts (yes I'm obsessed with them).

4. Chocolate Sand Dune Cake: I had a bite of this cake and didn't return to it. I'm so picky with chocolate cakes, it has to be a specific flavor and texture I'm going for. It was too dense and dry. This one would have done well with a moist icing to balance out the textures more. 

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