July 30, 2012

exploring on my bike

something i love doing here that i definitely wouldn't even attempt in the uae unless i plan on getting hit with heatstroke or being roadkill is cycling. i went with my sister-in-law's mother on such a fun ride. the weather was perfect: the sun was shining but there was a cool breeze, so you're never too hot or cold. oh how i love you san francisco. the scenery was beautiful, and with my music, i was on cloud 9 - makes the thought of cycling in a gym basically purgatory for murderous sinners who feel no need to ask for repentence. why would i go?!

we ended up cycling for 15 miles and stopped for a bite on a little street with all these authentic boutiques and cafes. we got a little taste of italy at this italian specialty store where i went a bit wild with our cold cuts order. so light and yummy. of course we managed to shop after that. i don't think anything would have stopped me shopping, not the fact that carrying the bags was a hazard on the bike or even being in my sweaty workout gear (not proud of it). if i can find something authentic that i won't get anywhere else at a great price i'm sold. one day i'm definitely living somewhere i can use my bike as my main form of transport. i hope.



  1. you need a guitar in the picture to perfect it. whatever happened to me tutoring you?

    1. Whatever did happen to that?? Are you in the States now?

    2. Yeah I'll probably be in Boston for another year. Have you set camp in SF or you planning on gracing us in the east coast?