July 11, 2012

*daily treat*

despite the fact that the doc told me to avoid all dairy, i cracked; i just couldn't walk by pinkberry and not have some. it didn't even matter that my stomach pains made me feel like dying would have been a better option last week. i blame my devil-may-care attitude towards life (i'm so bad aren't i). my camera didn't even consent, she purposely didn't focus on my subject. very rude. 

i just noticed my life somewhat lackluster and broke it down to the fact that i haven't had my favorite froyo in far too long. i've found that it's my hardest dairy weakness; i can live without the rest. yes, even cheese. SO, i got my favorite choco-pomegranate duo, and was having serious trouble concentrating on the discussion i was having with my friend about the many reasons her life has changed for the better... i think. 

regardless of the fact that i got stuck in sheikh zayed road's 6pm traffic, or that the humidity decided to style my hair for the ideal "before" shot of an anti-frizz informercial promoting how to handle the absolute WORST frizz, or that a friend described his newborn's shitskapades during lunch, or that female circumcision came up in convo with a friend and my pops at dinner (why?!?), it didn't matter, cuz i had my pinkberry, and my day was made :)

moral: yolo. give in to the daily treat.

xx penguina

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