July 14, 2012

BEAUTY: hair against the sun

it's that time of the year when we willingly enter an abusive relationship with that big bad ball of fire we call the sun. i don't care how many sherry argov books you've read, there's no being a bitch with this force. despite all the maladies it perpetually threatens us with, we choose to sit under it for hours to feel like we're glowing for the next couple of days. hey, the compliments that ensue are totally worth it, right? 

who doesn't love that moment when you're focusing so intently on those rays of light that you almost feel them infiltrating every single pore, it gets a bit too intense at times. and yet, it doesn't matter much that you're actually testing your dehydration levels while pretty much cooking yourself alive minus the skewer and the shawarma spices. you just know how pleased you'll be, looking at your reflection after your shower; not to mention the little trips to the loo at the beach where you anticipate pulling down your bikini bottom to check out the tan thinking "hellz yeaahhh" the higher the contrast is. yes, it's a common joy we all rejoice in let's hold hands.

the point of this post is taking care of your locks this sultry season. my hair has always been a significant part of my life, mainly because of the years its taken to figure out what it needs to just chill the f out. it also sent me to an emergency acupuncture session when i was six and sprained my neck trying to brush it in vexation after a very unnecessary comment made by my brother. he found it funny. i didn't. it took some time and therapy, but we're friends now. my hair is very curly you see (i call it curly, not frizzy. please take note). i actually wished on a shooting star that i'd wake up with it straight when i was nine. oh the innocence of our youth. needless to say, it was a futile approach and i stopped wishing on shooting stars that year. just to let you know i'm fine now and i love it and i wouldn't be me without it. 
this was not supposed to get that personal... glad we're closer. more on the subject of the sun's abuse to our hair. i've found that a hat will protect so much aka very little, and more so just your scalp. since people are generally shocked that my hair is soft because of the curls (it doesn't appreciate the pre-judgement, fyi), i've realized i'm doing something right. what i use once my hair dries after i shower, and religiously after being out in the sun, is ARGAN OIL. i'm sure you've heard of it but not sure if you've really explored it. well do. you'll notice a difference instantly. after all, a fried head of hair is not part of your summer glow.

xx penguina

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