July 25, 2012

i spent the last month laughing my a$$ off

because caitlan moran is such a funny, witty writer. her book "how to be a woman" will entertain you from start to finish. i have to admit there were a few references i didn't get; mainly because i didn't grow up in england, but most of it is just plain hilarity. a british broadcaster, tv critic and columnist at the times; she won the british press awards (bpa) columnist of the year '10 and the bpa critic of the year '11. the book follows her life from a young age in such an amusing way, covering the most awkward situations. she promotes the idea of feminism as simply protecting female rights and not the typical ideology that feminist women run around burning their bras and hating men. i've attached a few excerpts that really cracked me up. they don't do it justice though. 

on the versatile and indirect prevalence of sexism despite it not being as obvious as the past:

on the expectations of every woman to have children:

on weddings:

if you want a good laugh pick it up asap. 


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