July 20, 2012

date season has come!

ramadan kareem!!

for some people, ramadan is THE time to stock up on dates and considering i've been happily obsessed with them for a good two years now and need to eat them daily, this makes me VERY happy. it's basically the one time i find dates everywhere i go and can eat them before a meal without getting judged. 
 having tried so many, i've become very picky about my choices but getting them from bateel is always a safe bet, except now i can't enjoy a date without eating nuts with it - thanks to their variety with almonds and caramelized pecans. the caramelized pecans are such a treat; if i can give one piece of advice tho, it's to stick to just two max. it's a mission to stop eating them once you've started and there is definite nausea to follow if you overdose.
this ones a favorite of mine. it's not too moist or sweet, and the almond combination gives it that extra bite.

stock up!


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